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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wee Little Changes Clearance Items!

The clearance section is my favorite section at absolutely ANY store. I've gotten whole playdoh sets for $3 (retail $16.95) in the clearance section. I've found shorts and bathing suits for the following summer for the kiddies in the clearance section for anywhere from $1-$3 (no joke, shorts for $1 a pair at The Children's Place last fall!!).

But my favorite clearance finds have to be cloth diapers and other items to go along with it. :) I've gotten a Blueberry Deluxe One-Size ($25.95 retail at the time) for just $13; it was brand new and NOT one of those half price sites.

Today, I thought I'd share some of the awesome deals going on in the clearance section at Wee Little Changes!

Tiny Tush is on clearance today from $17.95 down to $16.95!

This is one of the most exciting finds for me! If you go to the clearance section and choose the lilac color, you can get a Moby Wrap, normally $44.95, for just $29.95! That's unheard of as far as I know!

There are a few Fuzzibunz insert packs left on clearance too! Instead of the regular $9.95, they're down to $5.48!

And FuzziBunz continues to be on sale right now for $14.95 for the singles. The per-diaper-price gets lower in packages too! You can find those there as well. :)

So head on over to the clearance section right away! There's even more awesome deals over there right now. Just click on the "shop our store" button to the right and then "clearance." Happy shopping!

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