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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten Things I Wish I'd Known...

Cloth diapering is awesome. In fact, I would definitely call myself an addict. But there are things I wish I'd known before starting. None of these things are deal breakers for me and some are actually just helpful little bits of information.

1. What works for one child, won't necessarily work in the same way for another. Just because you love prefolds and covers or bumGenius pockets on one baby, doesn't necessarily mean that you'll love it on the next child. Different diapers fit different babies in different ways.

2. Before trying every fancy cloth diaper detergent on the market, you might want to give some of the easier-to-find, cheaper options a try first. If they don't work, they don't work, but at least you gave it a shot.

3. Disposable wipes don't typically break down in the washing machine and can actually be used again after a run through the machine.

4. Dirty cloth diapers that sit in the pail for more than a day smell just as bad as disposable diapers. Lol.

5. One-size diapers DO fit most babies, but they're really bulky on a newborn. So, if bulk bugs you, skip the one-size options for now.

6. Newborn diapers truly only fit newborn babies. They won't last you long at all. Keep this in mind if you're on a really tight budget for diapers.

7. There are some awesome sites out there for reselling the diapers that aren't working for you. Check out www.diaperswappers.com for starters.

8. Cloth diaper stores like this one, along with the blogs and facebook pages, are FULL of information and run by some great people who love to help out with cloth diapering issues if you ever want to ask a question. :)

9. While there are lots and lots of cloth diapering mamas online, I am fairly alone here in my corner of the world and so get lots of questions and lots of funny looks. But to be fair, none of the questions or looks have killed me yet. Lol.

10. Not all of the places my children go (or will go in the future) are cloth diaper friendly. For example, not all day cares will do cloth diapers and not all church nurseries welcome them either.

Have a great Wednesday!


Unknown said...

Great list, especially about the newborn diapers not fitting for long. My daughter was 9 lbs 12 oz at birth, and I had GREAT intentions about using cloth on her from the beginning. That went out the window. It wasn't until she was 4 months old I started using cloth diapers on her. Oh well... I have been lending them to people who are thinking about using cloth and want to try various types before making a jump in. So, it wasn't useless buying then, but I wish I had bought less newborn diapers.

Unknown said...

Thanks for this post!

I recently made the decision to start cloth diapering... on my third and final baby who is 9 months old. A bit late, I admit, but I'm still going to save a ton of money and hundreds of nasty diapers from being thrown in the trash. Gross.

I started by making my own. I didn't know where to start or what to buy when it came to cloth diapers, so I bought a pattern and jumped right in. Meadow is still not exclusively in cloth, as it's taking a while to build up enough of a collection to keep her in cloth. Plus, there's a learning curve for making them and quite a few are leaky.

Thanks for sharing the website, too. I'm going to go over and look around now! Keep on posting advice. I need it! I have been getting some funny looks since my decision to cloth diaper. In my 14+ years as a mom, I've never met a cloth diaperer in my neck of the woods!

noble said...

wow this was a lot of great information. i am new to all of this and sad that i did not do this 8 years ago with my first. i had no idea how easy it was and thought you still had to use prefolds and pins.