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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Repost: Diaper Stripping Directions!

Yesterday I touched very briefly on the idea of stripping your diapers. Diaper stripping should happen every few months regardless of the detergent you're using. No matter which one you swear by, they all leave behind some residue after a few months. It's inevitable. Some water washes soap and other residue out better than others. I've found that mine does an all right job, but as I said, my diapers need stripping every few months.

But how, you ask?

We've almost all read the Dawn idea. I've tried it. It doesn't really seem to work. Yes, my diapers often smell better but I find myself wondering if that's because they're full of dish soap. Lol. Plus, it's really not good for a Front Loader, which is what I have. I'm pretty sure the majority of us have one as well.

So how do you strip them then?

You're in luck! I'm going to walk you through the steps I take with my own stash on stripping day.

1.Gather all your diapers and either fill up the bathtub (my preferred method) or use the soak option on your washing machine. I like to use warm to hot water and add a couple of tablespoons of my favorite detergent to the water before adding my diapers. I then soak them there for an hour to most of the day, depending on my time constraints. If you're using your washing machine, a top loader can be filled and then left open. This usually stops the cycle and allows for soaking. If it's a front loader, they often come with a soak option. Mine only allows you to soak for 35 minutes though, which is why I prefer the bathtub. It's up to you.

2.When they've soaked as long as you'd like them to, drain the water. If you're using the washing machine, simply run a hot cycle with no soap two times. If you're using the bathtub, get some of the excess out of your diapers, as they get really heavy when they're all wet, and put them in the washing machine. Again, run the washer two times on your hot cycle, no soap.

3.Finally, if you can, take your diapers out to hang outside. I really feel like this finishes the job and gives an extra fresh diaper. In fact, if I know it's supposed to be nice for several days in a row, I like to leave them out for a couple of days to really air them out. We had a bout of nice weather a couple of weeks ago and I actually did this. Lol.

This stripping cycle will work well for build-up and/or smell problems. If you've got yeast in your diapers, you might want to add a small amount of bleach to your cycle (check with your manufacturer to be sure it's safe to do this) in order to kill all the yeast.

Good luck and happy stripping!

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