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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Original Stash VS Current Stash Part Two

Yesterday, we left off with the fact that I went from all pockets to all prefolds and covers for my little guy when he was just a few months old. After the rash cleared up (and as I said yesterday, it was a combination of tinea and eczema that we treated with various creams and ointments through our dermatologist), I went back to pockets but had a much more open mind about prefolds and other types of diapers.

We tried all sorts after that: Hybrids, pockets, flats, fitteds, prefolds, AIOs, AI2s...our stash looks more like this now:

-3 BG4.0OS



-1 Happy Heiny one-size

-1 Babykicks One-size

-1 Tiny Tush one-size

-1 Knickernappies one-size

-3 Flip covers

-2 Thirsties Duo snap covers

-1 pair of wool longies

-8 Flip organic inserts

-14ish premium prefolds

-2 WAHM-made fitteds

-2 Babykicks fitteds

There's probably more but that's what comes to mind right now. There are other things that I've tried and then sold as well when we didn't like them and/or they didn't work for us. It's not that the diapers were terrible or anything like that, they just didn't work for US. Some of them are diapers that I've read rave reviews on. They just weren't good for us and that's okay. We don't all have to like and use the same diapers, right?

As our children grow, our diaper needs for them change as well. When Ian was tiny, I wasn't loving the Fuzzibunz but now that he's older, I adore them and am so glad we held on to them! Another example: my favorite brand for my daughter was bumGenius. I even loved it for Ian when he was really tiny, but now that he's older, I find myself reaching for the Fuzzibunz more often and sometimes the Flips with organic inserts.

My point here is this: we won't all like the same diapers all the time. Odds are, YOU won't even like the same diapers throughout your child's diapering days. So enjoy all the diapers! And on a sidenote, how many "disposable diaper mamas" do you hear saying that? Lol. Have a great day! I'm off to start school with the little people!

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