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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Original Stash VS Current Stash Part One

When I started cloth diapering my youngest, I was fairly confident that I would love the bumGenius one-size pocket diapers as I'd tested them out for a little while on my third child and really liked them.

Sure, I toyed with the idea of prefolds and covers briefly but wound up getting just a few of those along with some Dappi covers to go over them. I threw the majority of my proverbial eggs into the one-size pocket diaper basket and continued on with my pregnancy.

Here's what we had (basically, I can't remember it exactly):

-3 Happy Heiny small prints

-6 infant prefolds

-2 newborn Dappi covers

-1 or 2 bumGenius AIO's in small

-12 bumGenius 3.0OS

-2 Blueberry one-size (one minky and one deluxe)

-1 Happy Heiny one-size

-1 Fuzzi Bunz one-size in snaps (this may have come soon after he was born but I know it's been part of our regular rotation for a long time)

-2 small Drybees

This list includes only the diapers we had, not all the extras like wipes, wet bags, etc. And there may be some things missing; I can't be sure. Lol. Oh, and everything-with the exception of the FB and the Dappis-was aplix closure. Anyway...

When Ian was born, we waited about 6 days to start cloth diapering and then dove in head first. We went from 100% disposables 100% of the time to 100% cloth diapers. And I loved it! I learned quickly that I truly did love the one-size diapers because, although they were bulky, they held my super soaker's pee at night and I knew we'd be able to use them for a long time. Plus, DH could figure out how to change these diapers. They were very Daddy-friendly. :)

But, as with any love story, our carefree, happy days would not last. At two months old, Ian got a strange rash that just kept getting worse and worse. I'll spare you the pics but just know that it started out as small red bumps and by the time it was at it's worst, it was an angry red that spread throughout his diaper area and was working it's way up to his belly and down to his legs. This was over the course of a month or two (and yes, we saw the doctor several times in there including the dermatologist who diagnosed him with eczema and tinea together. We treated it and it cleared up, but in the meantime...).

When that rash appeared, I didn't know what it was. I hadn't changed anything in our wash routine. He wasn't wearing any different diapers. It just didn't make any sense. While we tried to figure it out, I knew I had to switch diapers. Either he had to go back to disposables or we had to do prefolds and flats so that I could bleach them at each wash without ruining them. So that's what we did. I ordered more prefolds, I bought some fleece and made pull-on fleece covers for him so his buns could breath, and we changed his diapers every hour or two at the most in hopes of clearing it up.

In that time, I really started started to like prefolds and covers! To the left, you'll see a picture of a sleeping Ian. If you look closely at HIS left leg, you can see a small portion of the angry red rash peeking out of the cover.

Tune in tomorrow for Part Two...

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