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Friday, November 18, 2011

Make Your Own Wipes Solution!

You've decided against the store-bought disposable wipes and are jumping on the cloth wipes band wagon. The problem? You have no idea where to start! Well, have no fear! I have a couple of ideas to share with you this morning that should help. :)

If you're interested in making your wipe solution as simply as possible, I would suggest clicking on the "shop our store" button to the right, choosing "diaper accessories" and then "wipes, liners, sprayer and more" and getting some Baby Bum Drops. These drops are simple to use and one package makes about 50 cups of solution!

Here's some of the pros of this solution:

-Chemical free; no propylene glycol; no sodium laureth sulfate
-No allergy-causing synthetic fragrances
-Soothing and gentle to newborn skin
-Convenient, easy to make & use with your cloth baby wipes
-Safe, anti-bacterial cleansing for baby’s bum

If you're thinking you'd rather make your own, however, then I have a recipe for you. Here's the recipe for the wipes solution:

Mix together, 2 tbsp baby wash, 2 tbsp olive oil (you can add tea tree oil or lavender or whatever you want here as well), and 2 cups of water. Either keep it in a spray bottle and spray as you go OR pour the solution over your wipes and they're ready for you when you need them.

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