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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cloth Diapers and Travel for the Holidays

Traveling with a baby is always an ordeal. You have to pack your vehicle like you're moving for life! But just because you're traveling, you don't have to stop cloth diapering. You don't have to resort to disposables.

But what about storage? Washing them? It can be done! If you're visiting family, they likely have a washing machine you can use. You can also google laundromats in the city/town you'll be visiting and call ahead to check out whether they prohibit cloth diaper laundry (apparently some do) and how much it costs to do a load. Or, if you have enough, you can just bring along as many as you'll need while you're away and wash them when you get back home (depending on how long you'll be away of course).

Some tips:

1. Bring extra wet bags for dirty diaper storage.
2. Don't forget your favorite cloth diaper detergent. And you don't have to bring the whole package! You can make some "samples" for yourself, measuring it out into smaller bags so you can just dump it in while you're away.
3. Consider bringing some plastic hangers to hang your diapers on while they dry. They can be hung on a shower curtain rod in the bathroom and be pretty much out of the way. This is how I dry my diapers in the winter. :)
4. Consider doing a hybrid option either the whole time or even just part of the time. If the idea of trying to travel with cloth is just completely overwhelming for you, this is a great option. I've done the part time disposable insert option when we were on vacation for a week a while back. It worked great!
5. Pack the diapers and all the diapering paraphanalia in a separate bag if you can. It'll be easier to find everything and it'll be easier to check and double check that you've packed it all back up when it's time to go home again.
6. Bring a couple more diapers than you think you'll need, just in case. You never know.

Most importantly, while traveling for the holidays this year, enjoy your time together, be safe, and have some fun! Have a great Tuesday! I'm off to start school with the kiddies.

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