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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat Safety Tips!

Happy Halloween! Around here, we will be trick or treating tonight! My 2 oldest made up their own costumes and the youngest two will be a fairy and a robot. The robot costume, I got from The Children's Place on Black Friday last year for $1.99!! But I digress...

Today, I wanted to share some quick tips for staying safe this Halloween.

1. Check all candy before allowing the kids to eat it. If any is open or ripped, throw it out.

2. Use a flash light, glow stick, and/or reflective tape while trick or treating. It's difficult for passing cars to see kids in costume, especially when there's a lot of them and if the costumes are on the darker side. *One great tip I read was to design your child's lighting so you can identify them from afar.

3. Check that the candy your child receives is age appropriate in that it won't be a choking hazard for them.

4. For anyone with a child with allergies, this goes without saying, but check for allergens.

5. If your children are too young to know their own phone number, prepare them by writing your name and number on a wrist band and having them wear it.

6. Remind your kids not to go off with a stranger or get into a stranger's car.

7. Use only non-toxic face make-up.

8. Wear comfortable shoes.

9. Plan your route ahead of time, aiming for the safest and most child-friendly neighborhoods. (On a side note, we have 1 house in our neighborhood that had a guy standing outside with an actual chainsaw and chasing anyone who came up to the house. NOT cool, in my opinion)

10. Carry a spare bag in case your first one breaks.


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