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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Repost: Why Fleece?

Fleece is the man-made alternative to wool. It has been described as similar to a sheep’s coat. It’s durable, soft, and holds up pretty well over time. There are lots of great reasons to try fleece. Here are just a few:

1.Affordable- Fleece is often a more affordable option than wool though both work similarly. Fleece can be purchased for as little as a few dollars per yard and used to make a whole bunch of covers. You can also pay a little more to have them done for you. Monster Fluff Studios ( http://www.hyenacart.com/monsterfluffstudios ) takes their covers a little further and adds beautiful embroidery to the back of their soakers.

2.Breathable- Fleece allows fresh air to pass through to the baby’s skin when worn as a cover. This can help heal diaper rash quicker and is similar to allowing baby to go diaper-free.

3.Adorable- Fleece is available in so many different colors and patterns. There’s something out there for everyone.

4.Usable all day- So long as you are changing regularly and no poop gets on the cover, you can easily use a fleece cover all day just as you might a PUL or wool cover.

5. Hmm, Not Leakable- Fleece is leak resistant. It’s not completely waterproof. Obviously if you don’t change your baby regularly throughout the day, you will have compression wetness; that is where the diaper is pressed against another surface squeezing wetness out.

6. Workable- Fleece is rather easy to work with, which also helps to keep its cost down. Wool often requires one be able to knit or crochet while fleece can be cut and sewn up pretty easily. It doesn’t fray on the ends either.

7. Washable- Fleece can be thrown in with your regular laundry or your diaper laundry. It doesn’t require special soap or hand-washing. It’s easy to care for.

Those are my top reasons for using fleece! Can you think of any others?

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