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Monday, October 24, 2011

Repost from TMuffin: Why Wool?

Why Wool?

-Wool is natural, renewable, and breathable. Not only does it absorb 30% of its weight in liquid before feeling damp, it has natural antibacterial properties which help reduce odors, and natural lanolin, which helps protect against leaks. Wool is warm in the winter, but it is also VERY breathable, which will keep baby cool in summer. Waterproof diaper covers with PUL can hold in moisture, heat, and bacteria, causing uncomfortable rashes. Wool covers allow air to circulate while absorbing moisture and preventing odors. Wool helps regulate baby’s body temperature, keeping baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

-Wool is easy to clean. In fact, you only need to wash your wool soakers every 2-3 weeks or when soiled. Simply hang to dry between uses, and the wool’s natural antibacterial properties will eliminate all odors, and the soaker is ready to use again when dry.

-Wool is a great value and investment. Wool stands the test of time over thousands of uses. Wool soakers are forgiving and stretchy, which means they will grow with your baby. Tmuffin wool soakers come in sizes Newborn S, S/M, M, and L, but the sizes are approximate and you may find that you don’t need to buy the next size up after the next few growth spurts.

-Wool is stylish and cute! Soakers can be worn under clothes, but why cover them up? A t-shirt and a soaker make for an adorable summer outfit. Add baby leg warmers for an easy winter getup. It’s quick and easy to get baby dressed and out the door, and makes diaper changes easier.


Unknown said...

I just prepped my wool soakers. I have not had too much luck with them already. I think the diaper I am using under them isn't high enough in the front. My little heavy wetter boy is still all wet in the morning.

Kristi26 said...

Hi! So have you lanolized all your soakers then? Are you trying some that are thicker for night time (felted soakers are great for overnight, I've heard)? Have you tried adding anything extra for absorbancy like hemp or bamboo? What about putting a pocket on him and then putting the wool over the top of that to help hold in leaks overnight?