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Thursday, October 6, 2011

If You Only had $100 for your Newborn Stash...

What would you get? How would you split that money?

If it were me, I would first consider how many diapers I think I would need based on how often the average newborn is changed and how often I would ideally like to wash diapers. Next, I would figure out how long I wanted that stash to last. If it only needs to last 6 months, I could go with some smaller, sized diapers. But what if I needed it to last the entire 2+ years I was diapering? What then?

I actually faced a similar issue when building my stash for Ian 3 years ago (while I was still pregnant). I had a limited amount of money that I could spend on his diapers and very little knowledge about cloth diapers in general at the time. I knew, at that point, that I liked bumGenius pocket diapers because it was what my BFF used on her kids and because it was the diaper I'd tried with Lily.

So, I suppose the very first thing I did is what I do best. I researched like a crazy person. I looked at different stores to find the ones with sales and free shipping. I found the stores with good reviews from their customers. I read cloth diapering blogs and joined a cloth diapering forum. I read article after article about cloth diapers. I read until I felt comfortable making my first order. I needed to know that I knew what I was getting myself into before that first order.

What I ended up with then is not what I'm going to list here though. For one, the choices are different now. Some of those diapers aren't even made anymore. And there are lots of other ones that I would go for if I were buying a newborn stash now.

Here's my list for $100 or less (keep in mind I am shopping from WLC and applying the 10% off code from the right):

1. 1 Grovia pail liner: $15.25 - $1.53 = $13.72
2. 2 Thirsties Duowrap covers, size 1: $25.50 - $2.55 = $22.95
3. 3 packs Indian prefolds, infant size: $30.00 - $3.00 = $27.00
4. 3 Econobum individual kits: $29.85 - $2.99 = $26.86
5. 1 Snappi: $3.25 - $0.33 = $2.92
6. 1 pair of pins: $1.25 - $0.13 = $1.12
7. 1 Joey Bunz hemp insert/doubler: $5.35 -$0.54 = $4.81

Total: $99.38

This list includes 1 pail liner, 5 covers (3 are one-size), 21 prefolds (3 extra from the Econobum kits), 1 Snappi, 1 pair of pins, 1 Hemp doubler for overnight. You'll notice I didn't include detergent or wipes. You can use most anything for wipes. My favorite? Take all those old receiving blankets that get passed to you, or you just have too many of and cut them into wipes the size you want to use. Sew a zigzag stitch around the edges and there you go. Wipes. Cheap and easy. As for the detergent, everyone is different on this one. Some people like to use the cloth diaper safe detergents they find online while others swear by Tide and other in-store brands. I use Rockin Green here, for what it's worth.

This stash will last the average newborn about a day and a half to two days (figuring on 10-12 changes per 24 hour period). The infant prefolds fit babies up to 15lb. This can happen quickly or take awhile. Again, it depends on the individual involved. When they get older, however, you'll no longer need to use a Snappi on the prefold (the poop of a newborn is often pretty runny). So, you'll be able to trifold those prefolds in your covers for a few months longer as well.

Well, there you have it. That's what I would do with just $100 for a newborn stash. Anyone else care to chime in? Leave a comment on this post!

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myricksl6 said...

Great budget break down and explanations! I have actually slowly been trying to build up our first diaper stash and a lot of those are on my list :)