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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Cookie Decorating!

For a quick and easy activity to do with the kids, grab either a tube of sugar cookie dough and a can of frosting OR make your own at home (of each one). Then get out some fun cookie cutters and go for it!

We used a cat, a pumpkin, a ghost, and other cute Halloween cutters for ours. We baked them up then added frosting that I'd tinted orange (I used some food coloring). It was at that point that the kiddies got involved. I gave each one some decorations to use-colored sugar, sprinkles, etc-and let them go at their cookies any way they wanted to!

It really didn't take long but it was fun and the kids got to be creative any way they wanted to! Above, you'll see my two youngest babies (we call them the Tiny People here, lol) decorating their cookies.

Go grab some cookies and orange frosting and decorate cookies for the season with your Tiny People today! Have fun! :)

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