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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poopy Diapers

We've talked about lots of fun things here, and nearly every disgusting thing you can talk about related to cloth diapering on this blog. Today, I thought we'd tackle one MORE. :) Poopy diapers. What do you do about them when you can no longer just drop the poopy diaper in the machine but the poop isn't solid enough to just plop in the toilet untouched?

While considering the blog post for this morning, I came across this particular question on a popular cloth diapering forum. It made me smile, thinking about our first poopy diaper sans sprayer. It was awful. *shudders* I'll spare you the disgusting details about that day and just say that I have some better alternatives listed below.

1. Toilet paper: I have a diaper sprayer, but at this point, I often just "help" the poop into the toilet with a bit of paper.

2. The Poop Spatula: It's exactly what it sounds like, a spatula (you can pick one up at the dollar store) from the kitchen department that is dedicated only to poopy diapers in the bathroom. Many moms put it under the sink or get an attachment to hang it from the back of the toilet. It's also important that you rinse it in the toilet or wipe it with a clorox wipe, something to disinfect it between scrapings.

3. Dunk and Swish: This is an age old way of cleaning diapers. You dunk the diaper in the toilet, hold tight, and flush. Do NOT let go of it. The idea is that the swirling water will rinse the poop off for you, easy peasy.

4. The Diaper Sprayer: This is, by far, the option I like best. We have one attached to our upstairs toilet (okay, to be honest, it's our ONLY toilet, lol). I keep it turned off until I need it so that no little hands get ahold of it and water the bathroom. Then, when an offending diaper enters the scene, I spray and drop in our diaper pail. Done. Easy. No yuck.

5. Disposable Liners: If you're good at predicting when the poop is coming, or you don't mind using one for every diaper, this is a great option. Then when the little one poops, it's easy to clean off the diaper. You just remove the liner.

6. Part Time (or even full time) ECing: If you're really, really good at predicting when the poop is coming (you can read your baby's cues, etc), you can plop them on the toilet before the pooping happens. The poop goes straight into the toilet; no messy diapers AND your little one is learning where the poop should really go. It's a win-win! We actually have been doing this for quite awhile-I'd say at least a year. I don't catch every single poop (sometimes he's good at pretending he's NOT pooping and sometimes I just don't see him doing it), but it's been a great introduction to the potty. Now if only he'd be interested in peeing on the potty too...but I digress.

There you have it! 6 ways to deal with a poopy diaper! Pick the one you like and go with it! And have a great Thursday!! We'll see you tomorrow!

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