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Monday, September 12, 2011

New Colors, New Prints, New Products...What Next??

Have you seen the latest video released from Jenn of Cottonbabies?? There are new colors AND new prints on the way, plus a whole bunch of other fun stuff to see! Go check out the video and come back; tell us what you think! Do you love the new prints, hate them? Wish they would make something specific?


I, for one, LOVE Albert. That is one cute print that I would totally wear on my little man! And I'm thinking we're going to need to test drive those awesome training pants sometime soon. :) He'll be ready to potty learn very soon, I think.

Tell me your opinions now! And have an awesome Monday!


Unknown said...

The prints are WONDERFUL, especially Albert which is unique and bold. I am glad they went with bolder colors which is what I prefer. I might want to start saving some money so I can buy a few new diapers. :-D

Nikki said...

So cool! I liked everything I saw :) Especially love the idea of an adjustable training pant -- my 2 year old is tiny!!!