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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How Many Diapers?

It's the age old question. How many diapers do you really need to get started with cloth diapering?

The answer depends on many different things. How often do you want to wash your diapers? How often are you changing your baby? Do you know, with any degree of certainty, which type of diapers you prefer?

Let's start with the second question, since it will dictate the actual answer to the first. If your baby is a newborn, you have to figure you'll be changing him/her every 2 hours (tops) around the clock. Many newborns don't sleep through the night. They also love to poop in the middle of the night (at least that's been my experience, lol). If you figure on changing every 2 hours for 24 hours, that's 12 diapers for one day. If your baby is older, say 2 years old, and beginning to hold it now and again (preparing for potty learning time), then you may be changing less often during awake hours. You may only need 6 diapers per 24 hour period if your little one is sleeping 12+ hours a night (that's still a diaper every 2 hours while awake).

And that brings us to the first question about how often you want to wash your diapers. If you have a newborn and are planning to wash every other day, you'll need at least 24 diapers to start. If your baby is older and being changed only during daytime hours, you may only need 12 or so. But keep in mind, you still need to diaper your baby while the diapers are washing. So you might want to pick up another 1-2 to use in the meantime.

And finally, do you know what type of diapers you like? When I got Ian's first stash, I knew I wanted mostly pockets. I'd read a lot about cloth diapers online and had tried them out with Lily when she was an older baby, so I knew I really liked the convenience of them. The only questions I had left were 1. which pocket is my favorite? and 2. would I like any other type of diaper?

Because of those questions, I ended up getting some prefolds, fleece covers, and Dappi pants to try out as well along with several different brands of pockets. Today, if I had to choose one favorite, it would be our bumGenius 4.0s. But each mom is different. You'll need to find your perfect diaper on your own.

I hope that wasn't too "all over the place" and was actually helpful. To sum up: plan on changing every 2 hours; figure out how often you realistically want to wash and then plan accordingly.

Have a great Wednesday!

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