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Friday, September 30, 2011

Grovia VS Flip

In the last few years, we've seen the emergence of two more hybrid systems: Grovia and Flip. Both are awesome choices in your cloth diapering routine, but which would work better for you? Does it matter?

Today, I thought we'd look at the differences and similarities between the two systems. You can see both of them in full detail here: http://weelittlechanges.com/category_2/Cloth-Diapers.htm


1. Each one has both cloth and disposable insert options, hence the term "hybrid system." Lol.

2. Both come in several different colors.

3. They are available in snaps and hook and loop. (Thanks for pointing out my error! :))

4. Both have received great reviews and recommendations by cloth diapering mamas.

5. They are both one-size options.

6. Both can be used as a cover with any type of prefold, fitted, flat, etc. They aren't limited to just the inserts that came with them.

7. They fit approximately the same weight range with Flip stating 7-35lb and Grovia saying 8-35lb.


1. Disposable packages are 50 count for Grovia and 18 count for Flip which may account for the price difference in the disposable hybrid system.

2. Grovia has a lot more color choices and even has prints. Flip doesn't offer that at this point.

3. Flip offers more insert options, a disposable, an organic, or a stay-dry.

4. Flip costs slightly less than Grovia when compared. For example, one Flip cover (no inserts) is $13.95 while one Grovia cover (again, no inserts) is $16.95.

5. The inserts snap in with the Grovia covers while they get tucked under the front and back tabs with the Flips.

I believe that I've covered all the major differences and similarities. Beyond this, the only way to know which you'll like better is to give them each a try. Good luck choosing and have a great Friday!


Maia G said...

just a correction: flip also offers hook and loop (I have one, lol).

Madeline said...

I was about to say the same thing as Maia. The hook and loop on it is great, too.

Kristi26 said...

You know, I thought I remembered seeing that they'd come out in hook and loop but when I went online to find them this morning my "google-fu" failed me and I missed them! Thanks for pointing it out and I changed the post to remove that grievous error! :)