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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Choosing the Right Rash Cream

Most of us will see very few rashes in our babies since we use cloth diapers. They just aren't as common amongst cloth users. Maybe we change them more, maybe the cloth is just less irritating, whatever the reason, it's a nice bonus to cloth diapers. But you SHOULD be prepared for rashes in the event your little one gets one.

Some natural things to do for diaper rashes caused by irritation:

1. Air time: This is by far the best thing you can do for a diaper rash. Each time you change your baby, let them get some air time before putting on the next diaper.

2. Breathable diapers: Unlike disposable users, cloth users have the option of choosing a breathable diaper. Prefolds or fitteds (coverless if you're brave, lol) with either wool or fleece covers are a great option.

3. Olive oil: I haven't actually tried this one out, but have read that it can work really well on dry, red rashes (1).

4. Coconut oil: Again, this is one I haven't tried but have read raves over.

Choosing the right cream:

Above all, look for the unfriendly ingredients first. You don't want anything with fish oil, cod liver oil, or zinc oxide. These ingredients not only stain diapers, but they also cause a nasty smell in them after washing since they don't like to be washed out. Additionally, they can cause repelling (when the diapers develop a barrier and don't absorb liquid).

You can prevent stains and contact with your diapers if you simply use a liner. In fact, most manufacturers strongly recommend you use liners whenever you use any type of diaper cream period.

When Ian was just 2 months, he got this horrible, unidentifiable rash in his diaper area that wouldn't go away. In fact, it just kept spreading and getting worse. While we waited to see the dermotologist (the pediatrician was at a loss honestly), I switched him to prefolds and fleece 100% of the time as I hoped the natural fibers would help but also that they'd be easier to disinfect should he be carrying some kind of illness that would be difficult to get rid of. Because we did this, we were able to bleach the prefolds when necessary; this was especially important when we found out it was Tinea (ring worm, which is contagious) along with eczema.

Some of our favorite diaper creams that I've found to be safe with our cloth diapers are:

1. Grandma El's
2. CJ's BUTTer
3. Yum Bum Butter (my current favorite!)

This is NOT a complete list, only what I like so far. I also loved Northern Essence but you can't get that anymore. :(

All right, well I better get to school with the kids. Have a great Tuesday! We'll see you tomorrow!

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