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Monday, August 15, 2011

To Stuff or Not to Stuff?

Now THAT is the question!

If you're a pocket diaper user, you likely already know where this is going. Do you leave your pockets unstuffed, stuffing as you go, after they come out of the laundry/off the line/whatever you do...or do you prestuff them all?

I do both, honestly. And there's no good reason for why I leave them unstuffed, though I could come up with a few. The real reason I leave them unstuffed is that I just don't always get around to prestuffing them straight from the laundry.

Some great reasons to prestuff:

1. The diapers are already ready to go, shortening your diaper changing time slightly.

2. Even the most inexperienced cloth diaper changer can change a diaper for you at any time if they are ready to go.

3. No digging through the inserts trying to find exactly the right one (if you're the type that cares which insert goes in which diaper).

4. Prestuffed diapers often look much neater all put away than a big pile of inserts and shells.

5. You'll always know exactly how many you have left at a glance.

Reasons to leave them unstuffed:

1. Unstuffed shells are easier to customize according to the use. If, for example, you've decided you want to use a particular diaper for overnight and you know you need a little extra absorbancy, you need only to add that to the stuffing.

2. If you're like me and you use prefolds to stuff your pocket shells, you can change your mind about the kind of diapering you want to do for the day on a whim.

3. Maybe your unstuffed diapers fit better wherever you put them away...

4. The time you save not stuffing your diapers is better spent doing almost anything else-making dinner, playing with older kids, doing a load of dishes, etc.

So what does everyone else do? Leave them unstuffed or stuff them ahead of time? Why do you do it?


Brandi Elam said...

I stuff mine ahead of time. I have room to store them stuffed and I've found it easier to stuff ahead of time. There have been only a handful of times I didn't stuff ahead of time and when diaper change time or time to leave the house came and I then had to stuff them while the baby was waiting or while we were trying to leave, I found it very inconvenient. So I just stuff them once they are dry and then put them away.

Samantha Pierce said...

I always pre-stuff as soon as they're done hang-drying. I'm a little ocd about laundry though. Unfortunately cloth diapers has only made it worse. I'm also the kind of person who has to match inserts with the diaper they came with, and if they didn't come with an insert, they get a BG OS insert. I also have specific pockets I use at night, pre-stuffed with Thirsties prefolds and set in a different pile lol

Unknown said...

I do a combination of the two. I TRY to put all the inserts in the diapers after I take them off the drying rack, BUT sometimes I'm too lazy. The biggest pro about being lazy is I can customize the absorbency of the diapers-especially for night time and naps.

Kristi26 said...

When we were still using the original inserts that came with the diapers, I too had to stuff each pocket with the correct insert! :)

Nichole said...

I always prestuff! Cannot have daddy using that as an excuse not to change a dirty diaper! :oP

SondraMama said...

i always pre-stuff. daytime diapers are the same "stuffing" as the night time diapers. My son sleeps all night and doesn't really pee his diapers so when he wakes up at 7am, i'll change him to make sure we're on the safe side =]