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Friday, August 5, 2011

Teach Your Children Their Letters!

With school right around the proverbial corner, I thought it'd be great to stay on this track. After all, learning is something children do at all ages. It's never too early to start working on things like colors, letters, numbers, shapes...they all need to know these things!

So today, I thought I'd share a great idea for teaching your kids their letters. :)

An alphabet book by them!

That's right! You can start by googling (a side note: do you realize that when I was a kid, if someone had said the word "googling" I would have looked at them cross-eyed and been so confused! Anyway...) for alphabet printables. When you find the ones you like, print each letter out and let your child color them. You can do them once a week if you want, or all at the same time, it's up to you. I liked the idea of doing one each week and filling in the other days with other things that would support that letter.

Above, you'll see an example of one of our letter pages. This is our letter C page and as you can see, she has practiced making the letter C at the bottom (I drew dots for her to follow) and colored a picture of a cow to reinforce the sound of the letter. On the bottom right, you can also see that she practiced writing her name on her paper, something that all kids must do in public or private school.

When you're done with all the letters, you can put them together, add a piece of construction paper to the front of the pile and one to the back, add 3 hole punches to the pile, and tie the holes together with yarn to create your "book." Don't forget to have your little author decorate the cover!

Not only will this help your child recognize his/her letters the first time through, but each time they read it to you, they'll reinforce that letter...not to mention all the confidence building going on as they "read" a book to you! This is the beginnings of reading. You can teach them to picture walk through this as well (a skill they'll likely learn in kindergarten to help them while learning to read).

You'll also be able to teach them about the parts of a book plus the correct way to hold and then read a book.

As they get better at recognizing the letters, you can add pages of pictures that have the same sound as the letter on the page before. For example, after the letter L page, you can add a picture of a lollipop, a lion, and a line or for the letter A, you could add a picture of an apple, an airplane, and an ant!

Have a great Friday everyone! And remember, we'll be choosing our Knickernappies winner on Monday morning! :)

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