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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Useless, Really?

A couple of weeks ago, I read a post on a blog about the top 10 or 20 useless babyshower gifts the writer had received. It went on to bash a good number of products and their givers for their "thoughtlessness." I was left wondering how we'd gotten to the point in our lives where we think a gift is only good if we like it?

Yes, I understand that the author was (hopefully) making an attempt to be funny, but at who's expense? I assume that the individuals invited to her baby shower were family and friends and that at least some of them read her blog. I know I wouldn't be laughing if I saw a picture of my gift to her on that list. And I like to think I'm pretty understanding of other's blunders. Lol. I have enough of my own!

Sure, condoms at a babyshower are a little inappropriate (actual product on the list, no joke! Lol.), but there were peepee teepees, memory books, wipes warmers, blankets, and more as well! Honestly, I've received all of these things and loved them! Trust me, I've gotten some weird stuff too that I just wasn't into, but the person who gave it to me truly thought I would love it and use it. For that, I'm thankful. I appreciate the time that went into their gift selection and recognize that I am not entitled to gifts simply because I'm pregnant (which I'm not anymore, to be clear!).

*Jumps off soapbox with a flourish!*

That particular post got me thinking about some of the "useless items" on that list and why I loved them.

1. Wipes Warmer: These are amazing for cloth wipes and keep them nice and toasty for the wee one. Have you ever considered cleaning up yourself with an icey cold wipe? Not fun! Warm is definitely better and if someone's considerate enough to get you one, awesome! Even if you don't cloth diaper and/or are using disposable wipes, these are great. We used disposable wipes for our dear daughter and kept our wipes warmer stocked for her. Honestly, the wipes warmer was my darling husband's idea for our daughter because he just felt especially bad for her having to have a cold wipe on her bottom. Lol.

2. Blankets: Especially home-made (which some commenters mentioned below this lovely list I'm referring to)...I love getting blankets for my new babies. New blankets means I don't have to reuse the old, falling apart ones on them. I can turn them into other things! Old receiving blankets can become flats, old fleece blankets can become diaper liners, the possibilities are nearly endless. And the hand-made crochet or knit blankets are my favorite! As a knitter/crocheter myself, I know exactly how much time and energy the person has put into that gift. Each time they sat down to work on it, they thought of the baby who would be getting it. That's special.

3. Peepee Teepees: These were listed as possibly the most useless gift in history. I must beg to differ on that. Lol. These little teepees are so cute and a funny novelty gift. I actually got some for my youngest as a gift; they worked pretty well when he was really young and at the highest risk of peeing on me. If you get some and they just aren't your thing, pass them on to a pregnant friend who WILL like them!

Those are my top 3 things that shouldn't have made the "useless list." I, of course, have many more amazing gifts that I could share, but wanted to stick to the topic at hand. Who else has a great baby shower gift they want to share? What did you love about it?


Hannah said...

Those were on the list? I have always said if I have a boy, peepee teepees are the first thing on my list! And I love homemade baby blankets. I got one that was way too cute to use, so I made it into a wall hanging that is still on my daughter's wall!

Shaky Mommy said...

Blankets on a useless list? Really? That's crazy. I only received ONE blanket at my baby shower and had to buy more. One blanket for a baby born in February doesn't cut it! But I do agree that condoms are inappropriate! LOL.

I saw a blog a few weeks ago that listed things that new parents don't really need and one of them was a breastfeeding pillow. My Boppy made breastfeeding so much easier/more enjoyable. I love it, especially in the hospital bed where there is no support for your arms while you are holding the baby. When my son was first doing tummy time, the Boppy helped him stay up so he could learn tummy time was fun. And when I just needed a place to sit him beside me when I was in bed or on the couch, the Boppy allowed him a place to be propped up so he could see me. Now that he is trying to sit up, the Boppy is supporting him while he's still wobbly.

I also think burp cloths, baby washcloths and baby towels are great. You can never have too many and they can be used for other things even when the baby is not a baby anymore!

Kristi26 said...

Yep! Blankets were actually on the list. I couldn't believe it either. The list was full of strange things for a useless list. I would have been excited to get lots of them!

Another item on the list was a gift card to a nice restaurant. What?? She said that it was useless to her because she couldn't use it for months and would have to get a sitter to even go.

The entire thing read as completely un-thankful. It was sad.

Kristi26 said...

Hannah, I agree! When I found out they existed, I said I wanted some for my next boy and my mom actually got them for me! I was excited and definitely used them for the first couple of months. :)

I love the idea of making the blanket into a wall hanging, by the way!

Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

Everyone has their personal likes & dislikes, what they'd like to live with and without! I think it's great that people would want to gift you and your baby period!