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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some More Reader Tips for Cloth Diapering on Vacation!

Last week, I gave you several tips that were submitted through the KN Giveaway 13 last month. This week, I'm back to give you a few more!

Here they are:

1. Madeline said..."...I think I would do Flips with disposable inserts and, if I had access to a washer and dryer, I would also do the cloth inserts."

2. Eco Baby Mama Drama said..."Cloth diapering while on vacation isn't very hard for me because the only place we really vacation is at my inlaws house and my mil knows to expect the laundry room being taken over!"

3. Andrea G. said..."...I think that we will use lots of reuseable fleece liners, because I have heard that they are easier to clean because less stick to them."

4. Adrianna said..."I've never gone on vacation while cloth diapering, I'm a new mama! But I suppose I would just bring wet bags, hand wash in the sink, and hang dry!"

5. Chiolip said..."I have cloth diapered on vacation a couple of times. I find it helps to rinse the inserts and/or covers thouroghly before putting them in the wetbag since it could be an extended time between washings than what you use in your regular routine. I also recommend a double wet bag so that you have everything easily accessible."

There you have it! 5 more awesome tips from 5 great mamas! :) Thanks for the tips, ladies!

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