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Friday, July 29, 2011

Reader Tips for Cloth Diapering on Vacation!

With July coming to a close, I thought we'd finish off the month with a few more reader tips for cloth diapering on vacation. Hopefully, those who have already gone on vacation have found at least a few tips that they used and those that will be going in the weeks ahead have found several things that they plan to do as well!

On to the tips:

1. wb said... "Just got back from cloth diapering on vacation. It was not much different than at home as our friends had a wash machine. However I forgot to take diaper detergent and couldn't buy any in the small town we were staying in. Instead we ended up just using prefolds that could stand up to standard detergent with an extra wash cycle."

2. chelsea said... "We haven't been on a "vacation" yet but I did use prefolds and covers on a trip to my grandma's. 3 hr car ride and all. We had no problems but camping trips, etc make me a little nervous. Maybe next year we will get a real vacation!"

3. Ashley said... "Cloth diapering on vacation..well we are actually doing it right now. :-) We travel a lot and always CD. This time we are in a hotel for 2.5 weeks and have to pay to wash, it may turn out to be a little bit more than disposables cost, but it is still way better for the bum. It's NOT hard at all. Give it a try, don't be scared off. :-)"

4. Eco-Mom said... "I have used the GroVia Biosoakers before and I think they'd be a great choice for vacation if there wasn't easy access to laundry or if you didn't trust the washing machines in the hotel laundry room!"

5. slang76 said..."I have decided to use a combination of disposables, Flips with disposable inserts, stay dry inserts, a hemp prefold, and a thirstis insert, and then my normal pockets at night...we will see how it goes!!"

6. Anastasia said... "we have always cloth diapered on the road, but only weekend trips - next week we have our first week long vacation - that should be interesting! We're renting a small house, so I'll be bringing detergent and bucket since there is no washer. Yes, I'll be hand-washing on vacation, it's a good thing we're in the middle of potty training and she only goes through 4 diapers a day!"

7. Andrea said... "We use our normal diaper routine on vacation- mostly Bumgenius one-size, and just find a washer/dryer."

8. Erin said... "My tips: take a good wet bag, and, rather than take all of your detergent, buy a couple of samples!"

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