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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Laundromats and Diapers and Vacations, Oh My!

Last month, for the Knickernappies Giveaway, I suggested asking us questions about cloth diapering on vacation for your entry. Well, lots of you came through and I'm here today with another great question to answer!

Mrs. Smitty said..."Here's my question.. if you're planning a longer trip and will need to wash diapers at laundromats along the way, how do you plan accordingly when some laundromats ban diaper laundry?"

My first and best suggestion for a solution to this particular problem is to figure out several laundromat options before you ever leave. Go to Google Maps or Mapquest or any of the other free mapping services here on the internet and see what you can find. Call ahead, find out their hours, whether they accept diaper laundry, their prices,etc.

When you arrive, you can scout them out in person and decide which one looks and feels "right" to you. As I'm sure you're aware, some laundromats are better than others. Some are in better areas of the city/town you'll be visiting. And some just have better customer service than others.

My next suggestion is to ask around if you'll be visiting people you know. Family and friends may know a few good laundromats in their own area, you'll just have to ask. Even if they don't, they may be willing to check a couple out for you and save you that trouble once you arrive.

Finally, and this may sound obvious, remember to bring your detergent (or at least several samples!) with you to the laundromat. Using a different washer will make the diaper laundry difficult enough without adding the use of a non-CD-friendly detergent into the mix.

Have a great day everyone and we'll see you tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

Thanks! I hadn't thought of scouting out a few in the same place. Some laundromats better than others/better neighborhoods etc.