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Monday, July 11, 2011

How do you wash dipes in a hotel room?

This is another great question we got during the KN giveaway last month! I'm going to give you MY suggestions here; take from them what you may.

When you go on vacation and are planning to stay in a hotel room, you have several options as far as washing your cloth diapers goes:

1. Washer and dryer in the hotel-If your hotel has one, you can always go use it. Many have them available. The place we stay each summer has one down on the first floor (several actually, lol) and they do a perfectly good job of cleaning.

2. Local laundromat-This always works though isn't ideal for many. You may want to scout out a laundromat or two before you leave so that you know for sure where you're going once you arrive. Your GPS should offer some answers along with Mapquest or Google Maps.

3. Wash them IN the room-You can always use the tub and/or sink in your room!

What you'll need to bring:

1. Several detergent samples, depending on how long you're going and how often you're washing.
2. Wet bags! Need I say more?
3. Some disposable inserts as back up in case you wait too long to wash.
4. Plastic hangers (I know, weird, but trust me).

To hand wash (keep in mind, that this is what I would do; you can do this however you want so long as you're scrubbing, agitating, using soap, etc):

1. Gather your diapers and start rinsing away any excess residue.
2. Dunk and swish in the warm, soapy water for several minutes, rubbing the diaper together on itself to really work in the soap and get out the stains.
3. Drain the water and add a little more detergent to some new warm water. Allow to soak for several minutes.
4. Drain the water once more, rinsing and rinsing and rinsing...
5. Ring the diapers out the best you can. Here's where the hangers come in! Hang 2-3 across the hangers and then hook the hangers over the shower curtain rod in the bathroom to dry (you can fit more across this way! :)). OR, if you have a balcony of some sort available, you can try hanging them outside as they often dry much faster outdoors.

Hopefully this is helpful to some of you! Good luck this summer with all the vacations and happy vacationing! :D

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