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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stain Removal- Rockin' Green Style!

Last Saturday (so around 10 days ago now), I did something that I almost NEVER do. It's so rare in fact that my diapers are in mostly pristine condition on the outside. What is it, you ask? It's something that so many parents do every single day. It's no big deal for the disposable families. And in all honesty, it may not even be a big deal to you. But to me, a stained diaper is awful to look at on my son's bum. And so, allowing him to go around the house with no pants, no onesie, no shirt long enough to cover it was a big deal. I took a breath and I let it go.

"What could go wrong?" I asked myself.

A lot, apparently. Because that evening, unbeknownst to me, my darling 2 year old little man SAT on a slice of pizza. Ugh. Sigh. *Sob!* He had this big, greasy, ORANGE pizza stain on the worst possible cover to get this sort of stain on that I own. It was our yellow Flip! The only way it could have been worse is if it was on a white cover! I knew, with just one look at the offending stain, that it was never coming out. Sure, it might fade with time but in my experience, stained PUL is extremely unforgiving. And so, I tossed the cover aside (and squeezed back the tears ;)), forgetting about it until yesterday. Nearly 10 days later!

When I saw it sitting there, complete with ugly orange, set-in stain, I decided to try to get it out the only way I thought it could possibly happen. I used our Rockin' Green to make a paste. I took a tablespoon of our classic rock in Rage against the Raspberries and added a dash of water, then mixed and poured the mixture onto the stain. I rubbed it in a bit for good measure and left it sit for a while...too long, really, since it hardened there. Lol.

When I remembered it again just before dinner, I took it downstairs to our washing machine (in the basement! But that's another story for another time) and tossed it in on a hot cycle with a prayer for the magical removal of the stain. I'd heard amazing things about Rockin' Green; the list of things customers have reported that it has fixed is nearly endless. I've heard about greasy work shirts and hats, stained carpets, even stained couches I think. People say that their diapers have never been brighter or more beautiful when they used Rockin' Green. I've been a faithful customer for nearly 2 years now and I sitll wasn't sure if this paste thing would work or not, but I know now.

I went downstairs when the cycle was complete and said one more prayer (Please, let the stain be gone, please!!!! Please!!!). I reached into the washing machine and pulled the cover out, squeezing it in my hands (Please, no stain!!). I took a deep breath and unclenched my hands, flipping the cover and holding it up to the light. The stain was gone!!!!! What?!?! That's right! That awful, bright orange, gross, set-in pizza stain was gone!!! Check it out for yourself!

So, now that I'm in the mood to sing Rockin' Green's praises once more, tell me what YOU'VE gotten out with Rockin' Green! Amaze me!!


Jenna said...

Not long ago I bought my daughter some new clothes...she needed 12 months size bc she's just so long that she outgrows everything. I found her some stuff on sale and got some super cute outfits. When I went to wash them...I separated them properly and washed on cold.

HOWEVER...something purple or pink bleed all over ever lighter colored spot on each outfit!!! I was devistated!!! I don't have money to just throw around and my poor daughter needed these clothes!!! I didnt dry them of course and started trying to get the dye out...I washed them again multiple times in tons of different stuff. I used everything from bleach for colors to white vinegar. I even tried a dye fixative!!! Nothing worked!!!

As I hung my head over the washer basically in tears...I seen the bag of funk rock out of the corner of my eye..."why not...it couldn't hurt right???"...sooo I filled up the washer with water..dumped in almost twice the amount directed...let it agitate for a few minutes then stopped it and left it...I came back after a few hour and restarted the wash. I didnt look in. After that finished I came in added rockin green hard rock in bare naked babies and washed as normal. I got my daughter to sleep and almost forgot about the clothes.

I really didnt want to get out of bed and go look bc I had already been upset over these clothes enough....buuut I went anyway. I did like u did...I prayed...reached in washer without looking..grabbed a piece of clothing...squeezed it tight and prayed even harder...I opened my eyes and looked down.....ALL THE BLEED OUT DYE WAS GONE!!!! I yelled out..dropped it and started clawing through clothes in washer...I checked each piece..everything was perfect!!!!

I have no idea why the funk rock and rockin green worked on this issue...alllll I know is it did!!! I don't care about the how and why...all I know is my daughters clothes are ok!!!

Kristi26 said...

Woohoo, Jenna! LOVE that story! :)

Jenna said...

Lol I was yelling so much for my daughters father to come and look thati almost woke my daughter up.I immediately wrote rockin green and told them.....btw for those.who don't know...their people get back to u super fast!!! Im also excited to see some more responses for what rockin green products can do...soooo come on ladies!!!!!!

Brandi Elam said...

That's awesome!