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Monday, June 27, 2011

Diaper Sprayers-Do You Have One Yet?

*Warning! There is A LOT of poop talk in the following post!*

I went over a year without a diaper sprayer. I didn't want to pay for one! Lol. I figured I could just do the "dump and scrape" method and all would be well. For the first six months or so, I just threw them in the machine. After all, it was just EBF poop and it would come out no problem.

But then Ian started solids. His poop got more definition and I had to make a little more effort. Still nothing gross though. I could get the majority off without a problem. Still, I would get as much off as I could and then dump it in the dirty diaper pail to be washed "as is."

After Ian turned one though, he started getting constipated. His doctor's office suggested Miralax to get things going when increasing his liquids and his fiber didn't help. So I did it, unaware just how gross it would make things. That first diaper change, I couldn't believe his diaper had held it all! There was so much and it was so mushy, there would be no scraping it off!

I had to make a choice. I could A) Throw the diaper away, B) Rinse it out by hand, C) Hope for the best in the washing machine, or D) Dunk and Swish in the toilet. After careful thought, I went with rinsing by hand. It was nasty! My husband said he would have gone with A and never thought twice about it. I just couldn't toss a perfectly good cloth diaper over poop. And there was no way I was putting that much poop in my washing machine!! I didn't even want to think about what it would do!

"Never again," I mumbled to myself as I rinsed the diaper. But it did happen again. A lot. We had that happen over and over again for a couple of weeks.

"I need a diaper sprayer," I finally said. And I got one. It's actually the one that WLC has in the store! Lol.

When it got to our house, I was so excited. I handed it to my husband (who is conveniently a plumber! :)) and he installed it.

Some tips:

1. Be sure that you have all the parts you'll need. Because we have an older toilet, we needed one extra piece to get it hooked up properly. Don't ask me what it was though, I have no idea! I just use it! Lol.

2. Think about where you want it mounted. While your baby might not be interested in the sprayer now, that could change in the future!

3. Shut the sprayer off between uses. We keep ours turned off except when it is in use. This way, if any of the kids get to it without our knowledge, they won't spray anything.

If you're interested in a sprayer, just click on the "shop our store" button to the right and check out "diaper accessories" for the sprayers available. Have a good Monday! We'll see you tomorrow!

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