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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Diaper Bag Built for Two!

For the last nine months or so, I've had what I like to call "an extra special bonus kid" 5 days a week. My adorable neighbor boy, who is just weeks younger than my youngest, came over while his mama was at work. We've got the space for naps, space in the van for an extra kid, and even a double stroller to push an extra one around in. What I wasn't so sure we had? Extra space in our tiny diaper bag! Lol.

There was no way I wanted to carry an extra diaper bag. So we would switch to our Baby Star bag during the week for a long time. But it got ridiculous carrying that huge thing around when I really wasn't utilizing all the space inside. Not to mention, I've since confiscated my Baby Star bag and turned it into the most perfect laptop bag! I adore it for this purpose and would actually love to get another one towels at the pool and let's be honest, to feed my yarn addiction (I could fit so much yarn in a Baby Star!!).

Back to the topic at hand…after a while we got tired of switching to the Baby Star bag, we weren't using all the space inside, and I really love my Bratsack. We have the toddler sized backpack that we use as our diaper bag. My thoughts are that eventually Ian will carry his own bag. He likely could at this point, we just haven't tried it yet. I have so many bigger kids to pawn the diaper bag off on that I haven't even attempted to put the little bag on his back in months.

So, what do we have in there? For two kids, I try to carry the following:

-one pack of wipes (it's really a refill pack of disposable wipes)

-2 Flip organic inserts plus 1 extra cover (for Ian)

-1 medium-sized wetbag, folded in quarters

-2 disposable diapers (for Mr. Extra Special Bonus Kid J)

-2 spare pairs of shorts (just in case)

-1 small tube of diaper cream

-1 small twisty tube of sunblock

Now, I've included a picture of our diaper bag in this post and I'm sure you're thinking "how on Earth did she get all of that in that tiny bag?" Well, I'll tell you it isn't always easy but it is possible if you keep only the absolutely essential items in there.

When my oldest was little, I can't tell you the number of times I'd clean out his gigantic diaper bag only to find too many unnecessary items in the bottom: old snacks, several extra pacifiers, too many extra clothes and even shoes, more diapers than we needed, a used tissue or two…you get the picture.

So my tip today is this (and it would be so weird coming from me if you knew me well!!): Keep your diaper bag cleaned out and organized and you can fit lots into a tiny space!

Have a great Tuesday! J

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