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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cloth on the Cheap

It's probably the least expensive cloth diapering option available while simultaneously serving as the most scary. We've all heard of them, seen them online, maybe even seen them in action on someone else's child. We've pulled back in surprise when we've seen them and our friends who use them daily tell us, "it's no big deal. They're so easy! I love them!"

What are they, you ask? Well, I'll give you a hint. There was recently a challenge involving this particular diaper type.

I'm sure you've probably guessed it by now. It's the flat diaper.

Things that make flats easy:

  1. You buy one size and fold it a million different ways to fit any baby.

  2. They're one layer thick so you don't really have to worry about diaper stink or build-up issues.

  3. They dry super fast, even on the line. Again, they're only one layer thick.

  4. They're a great option for cloth diapering on vacation since they are so easily hand-washed.

  5. Because they're often made from bird's eye cotton, they don't normally cause any skin issues.

Things that make flats fun:

  1. You can dye them in various solid colors.

  2. You can tie dye them!

  3. You can use old flannel receiving blankets for some super fun prints.

  4. You can cover them with really cute covers.

Things that make flats tricky:

  1. While you only need the one size and can fold it a million different ways to fit any baby, you actually have to LEARN those million ways of folding. Lol.

  2. Heavy wetters may need to have their flats doubled up or even added to with prefolds, hemp inserts, etc. to aid with the wet problem.

  3. On the same note, night diapering with just flats can present a challenge all by itself. A lot of trial and error should help with this.

  4. If you're pin or Snappi-challenged, you'll need to get practicing to be able to use these with pull-on covers.

Some sites to help you learn to fold:

  1. Diaper Pin: http://www.diaperpin.com/clothdiapers/article_artofdiapering.asp

  2. Green Mountain Diapers: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/flat.htm

  3. Diaperware: http://www.diaperware.com/picturepages/flatfolding.htm

  4. The Cloth Diaper Connection: http://www.the-cloth-diaper-connection.com/flatfolddiapers.html

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