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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Warm Weather Rashies…

Even if you've never encountered this issue before, you can figure out what I'm talking about from the title alone. The warm weather rashies happen most often during periods of warm weather and will continue, off and on, throughout the summer. But how do you know if your little one is getting a rash from being too warm and not from something else?

Here at my house, my youngest suffers from repeated bouts of yeast almost exclusively during the warm months. And true to form, after our warm week last week, his yeast rash is here for the first time already! If you have a little one with a yeast rash, and you'll know because the redness will persist no matter what you do for it plus there is often some white gunky stuff present in the diaper area as well, you may ultimately have to get a prescription for it. There isn't a whole lot you can do on your own. I believe there are a few over the counter medications that our doctor recommended as well, but you'll need to speak with your own doctor about that. I am not a doctor and therefore, will NOT be giving out that kind of advice here. J

Yeast rashes can strike any child, including boys. My youngest is the only one who has ever dealt with this on a continuing basis and he is my youngest boy. Yeast doesn't care whether you're male or female; it just likes warm, dark, wet places. The diaper area is perfect for that.

Warm weather rashies look different. A warm weather rash is present only because the diaper area got too warm and wet. The diaper area will be slightly pink to flaming red all over the places that the diaper touches. Keep in mind though, that this can also be caused by build-up in your diapers so you should consider stripping them with a few hot washes and no soap just to eliminate that as a cause. If you've done that and made no other changes that could be causing this rash, then it's likely from the combo of warm weather and wet diaper.

Some ways to combat yeast and other rashes before they happen:

  1. Change diapers frequently in the warm months. Even if the diaper isn't really wet, I've still found that my son benefits from a fresh one after his nap. Being nearly 2, he occasionally wakes up dry. The temptation is to "let it go" since it isn't wet, but if I do that, he gets red.

  2. Try some fleece or wool. It sounds counteractive, but fleece and wool are extremely breathable making that diaper area more open to fresh air.

  3. Try some fleece liners. If your little one doesn't have an allergy or sensitivity to fleece, you might want to try adding an extra liner in the diaper whether there's a stay dry layer or not. Sometimes they just need a little more.

  4. Try pretreating with some cloth diaper safe diaper cream. I've recently gotten some Yum Bum Butter from Rockin' Green in "Rage Against the Raspberries" and LOVE it. It goes on really easily and smoothly and helps protect Ian from diaper rash before it can start, especially during periods of longer diaper time like naptime.

  5. If your little one has a yeast rash, remember to bleach your diapers to kill the yeast when you get it cleared up. If your anti-bleach, then do whatever it is you do to kill bacteria, etc in your diapers. You wouldn't want that rash to reoccur simply because the diapers themselves were left untreated. This is sort of a preventative measure for future rashes.

  6. One last rash I want to mention, and that we've dealt with before, is Tinea. Tinea is often referred to as "ring worm." Ring worm implies that there is a worm present somewhere in the body causing the infection and we often think "only wrestlers or gymnasts get that." But I'm telling you from experience that this isn't true. There is no worm. My son was as clean as could be and not on any type of gym mat when he got it. Because he was only 2 months old, he was extremely susceptible to it and apparently came into contact with it somewhere. Tinea is a very red, often dry looking, rash that has a very defined outline. For us, it started as a small spot in the diaper area and spread outward to the point that it was peeking out of his diaper from the leg holes and top of the diaper at his belly. Our dermatologist diagnosed it for us and gave us a prescription to treat it. If you suspect your little one might have this type of rash, get them to the doctor asap so you start treatment. Nothing else that we tried helped us. *If you look closely at the picture of my little man in his Eagles cover, you'll see a bit of this rash sticking out.*

I hope all this rash talk has helped clear things up a bit for you (haha, get it? "Clear things up?" Sorry, couldn't resist.). Have a great Thursday!

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