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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Repost: Cloth Diaper Parties

Bottoms up girls! It's not that kind of a girl's night out, but you are sure to have a blast less the hangover! Better yet, you won't waste your money on items you really don't need at this kind of party. If you have a young child, you really should consider … cloth diapers! Why not host a cloth diaper party? Enjoy a night out with the girls, learn about cloth diapers and feel no pressure from a salesperson. Wee Little Changes will provide you with diapers and information on each type and brand along with details on how to use each one.

You can even set your computer up and access our library of helpful Utube tutorials. Nothing beats having the diapers in hand to be able to see, touch and feel them for yourself. Hostesses will earn 10% of each sale generated from their party in the form of store credit. For example, if your guests purchased $300 worth of products, then you would receive a $30 gift certificate.

Wee Little Changes is so excited to announce that we will be opening a new sister website geared just for cloth diaper parties! Pick from one of our party boxes or pick your own, as we will have something for everyone. We really think you are going to love this service, so please stay tuned for forthcoming details.

Can't wait for the new website? Please email april@weelittlechanges if you are interested in finding out more information.

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