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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Play Diapers

If you're a cloth diapering mama and you ever visit any cloth diapering forums, you may have "heard", or rather read, the words "play diapers." Secretly, I often wondered to myself what exactly a play diaper was and why on earth anyone would need one. But I didn't let it bug me too much and went about my day without bothering to find out what it meant.

Fast forward a few months and Ian was moving around on his own, crawling on our very dirty porch (dirty because it's a porch that's outside and on a semi-busy street and there is NOTHING I can do about that) in just a diaper, baby legs, and t-shirt. He looked adorable. It was one of my less favorite diapers, a white bumGenius. I prefer the colors to the white diapers. To be clear, I adore all of our bumGenius diapers but the white was my least favorite color.

Anyway, he went about crawling all over the porch, pulling himself up at times, plopping down on his little white bum at other times and that diaper got grey!

"It'll wash out," I told myself.

Only it didn't. And that's when I learned what a play diaper was. Just like that, as I stood there holding this dingy diaper straight out of the washing machine, the words "play diaper" flashed through my mind and I knew.

A play diaper is a diaper that you don't care all that much about. It's a diaper that can get dirty and grimy and you won't freak out about it.

Some tips:

  1. Choose an older diaper that is still functional but has seen better days.

  2. If all of your diapers are PUL, then you have to figure that going without pants is going to result in some staining. Choose wisely or cover that diaper.

  3. Onesies can serve as great covers for diapers while still allowing the legs to go free in the hot summer.

  4. Fleece doesn't stain as easily so a pull-on fleece cover might be a good choice. Plus, they're really breathable which is a bonus on the rashier days.

  5. If you don't have any diapers that staining won't make you cry about, either don't do the whole pants-free thing, or aim for a darker colored diaper. The darker color may help disguise the staining you're bound to incur. In other words, don't follow my example and use a white diaper outside unless you really don't mind the stains.


Jill said...

This makes me laugh, my daughter was in the 18 month- 2 year range last spring/summer. I just let her go out in tshirt and diaper a lot. I ended up with axle grease on one diaper and blue interior house paint on another-- a white print diaper, mind you. When I found them, I just used a standard 'dish cleaner degreaser' whatever you use in your sink -- although if you have blue dawn that you strip with, would be preferred, I'm sure, and just scrubbed the spots with an old toothbrush and rinsed really well -- both of them came out with no ill effects!

Bum genius DOES allow for small amounts of bleach monthly on inserts and covers, although really worn in grime might not come out the first time, if you do monthly bleach, there's a likelihood that the white diaper WILL come clean!

I have until next summer to worry about this again, when my 'fetus' will be a baby scooting about on its' hiney! Hopefully we'll be out of the painting stage in our house by then and we won't have paint sitting out in the garage for baby to lean into.

Kristi26 said...

Yeah, a little bleach did help dull the dinge, but you could still tell that it had been worn outside in some serious dirt. Lol.

It doesn't matter though, I don't hang onto diapers that long. That particular diaper has long since been sold off and replaced. :)

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