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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Fun Activity to do with your Kids!

Maybe you've seen these, and maybe you haven't, but my kids think they're awesome. It's kind of like "Where's Waldo" in a jar or, for those who don't remember that particular book, "I Spy". Lol. My older boys especially love shaking these up and finding the different items hidden inside. I've looked at buying them some at the store before but they're expensive!

With these instructions from Family Fun, we can make our own though AND it will be personalized to fit my kids! You can see the full instructions and find more fun crafts, recipes, and activities here: http://familyfun.go.com/summer/backyard-activities/backyard-nature-crafts/treasure-jar-670746/ As always, the pictures, ideas, and instructions belong only to Family Fun. I'm borrowing them to share with all of you. J

What to do:


15 to 20 small items such as a paper clip, a seashell, a shiny bead, or a googly eye

Clear plastic jar with the label removed (we used a peanut butter jar)

Pen, paper, and scissors

Mixed birdseed (we used about 1 cup)

Clear packing tape



  1. Let your child gather a handful of tiny "treasures" from around the house.


  1. Trace the lid of the jar onto paper and cut out that circle. On it, list all of the items your child's collected so players will know what to look for. (Or, print the list from your computer.)


  1. Pour about an inch of birdseed into the jar, then drop in 3 or 4 of the small items. Add some more birdseed, then more treasures, and so on until you're within an inch of the top. Leave that final space empty so the contents will have room to move around when shaken. Screw on the lid.


  1. Tape the list of items to the lid and seal the jar shut with more tape. Give it a good shake, then see what you can find.

1 comment:

Jessi Gonzalez said...

Thanks for sharing! My daughter will love this! We'll be making ours when she gets home from school today. :)