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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Summer Fun!

This summer, DH and I are pinching our pennies to save the extra money we need for a trip we are taking for a new ministry we're getting involved in. Because of that, we'll be on the lookout for some free summer fun for the kids. And since I'm pretty used to living on a limited budget already, I have a small list going. If anyone has some great ideas to add, please comment on this post below! Who doesn't love free??

Here's my list!

  1. Factory Tours- These are often free, or low cost, to do with your family. However, there are several in my immediate area that require you to call ahead and they operate on limited hours. We have some others that you can just show up for, so check the website (if available) of any that you find you'd like to do.
  2. School Playgrounds- If you'll be sending kids to school soon or already have some in, the school playground is a really fun place for them. Not only is there a chance they'll run into some friends, but the kids who will start soon can get a look at their future school as well. Even my two-year-old (sniff, sniff; he turned 2 over the weekend) loves it there!
  3. Storytime at the library- Some libraries offer storytime for kids under 6 for free in the summer. Even if you have to pay during the school year, the summer is often free. Additionally, the library often offers some sort of reading incentive program to kids of school age. Our local one has prizes every week and activities for them to do. They even have little shows offered at the library weekly over the summer such as puppet shows, animal education shows, and magic shows.
  4. The Zoo- There are still several zoos out there that are free to the public, you just have to look for them!
  5. Picnics- My kids love doing this and it costs you almost nothing. Just take a blanket out to your backyard and serve the PBJ out there!
  6. Mall playgrounds- Summers in my area are notorious for big thunderstorms. If you have the same issue, some days you just need some good indoor fun. Enter the mall playground! The kids can get out their energy and you can follow up that playground time with a walk around the mall for some exercise for mama too. Bring along a friend for some bonus "free" time.
  7. Projects at home improvement stores- There are several home improvement chains in the nation that offer free (or low cost) projects for kids. They often do things out of wood like a small step stool or a picture frame.
  8. Kids Bowl Free- Over the summer, lots of bowling alleys offer 2 free games a day to kids. Check out www.kidsbowlfree.com to see if you have any participating alleys in your area. If you find one, check to make sure whether or not you'll have to pay for shoe rentals.
  9. Public pool- Each summer, our local public pool offers one free entry day. Check if yours does too!
  10. Creek Stomping- Creeks are everywhere and are full of fun and interesting things for you and your kids to discover. Mine could spend hours in a creek.

Again, if you have any more awesome ideas to add, please let us know in a comment on this post. But just so you all know, I'm still having some trouble with blogger, so I may not get them published for a few days. Have a great Tuesday!

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