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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snaps versus Aplix

Over three years ago, I knew very little about cloth diapers-only what my best friend told me about them- and I bought a couple of bumGenius 3.0's with aplix for my daughter with no thought to the fact that there might be an alternative. I hadn't even considered another type of diaper let alone a different kind of closure for it. And I was in love.

The aplix opened and closed like the disposables I'd grown accustomed to. It had little laundry tabs to attach to so I wouldn't have to worry about a diaper chain (not that I'd ever considered that either, lol, I was a total newb with no knowledge). And as far as I was concerned, it worked fantastically. I couldn't foresee any issues with it.

Fast forward several months, nearly a year. I was expecting my fourth (yes, it took me that long to jump on the cloth band wagon). I was finally doing some research for myself on cloth and I came upon snaps! Snaps? On a diaper? I couldn't believe it. It intrigued me, partially because I'd noticed my aplix starting to curl on my first diapers which was so not cute and partially because they were a new concept for me.

But although they intrigued me, I still held them at arm's length and didn't order any in my first batch of diapers. The aplix, in my opinion, was working just fine for us. As I said before, I liked that our aplix diapers worked very much like disposables. I loved that the aplix could adjust and close to the place I needed it to go, no gaps.

I don't even remember how old Ian was when I got my first snapping diaper. It was actually a Flip cover. I wanted to try it out so badly but could only find snaps. So I took the plunge, expecting to hate it only because of the snaps.

Boy, was I wrong! I adored the snaps from the start! Because they matched the color of the diaper, they looked "cleaner" than the aplix when Ian walked around with no pants. And because they were snaps, there was nothing curling and catching on the carpet if he crawled along the floor. Better, I didn't have to worry about walking in on him in the morning and finding him with no diaper because the aplix caught on something and pulled the whole thing off (I've actually had that happen, it was a big, wet mess!). I started putting him in the one snapping diaper cover I had for overnight to avoid that issue. And after using that cover for at least a year now, it still looks new because the snaps don't show signs of wear as easily as the aplix.

It was after all of that that I made the change. I sold almost all of my aplix diapers and replaced them with new snapping ones. I currently have about 18 pocket/all-in-one diapers in rotation and only 3 of them are aplix. I wanted to keep them for the aplix lovers in my life or just for those who might be confused by all the snaps. Lol. Not to mention, one of those aplix diapers is a Blueberry zebra print that I adore!

I've found that the positives of snaps far out-weigh the negatives, but there are negatives. They can be confusing for a babysitter unaccustomed to cloth (but so can all cloth). They aren't as adjustable as aplix is since you have to snap where there are other snaps. Aplix stretches across the entire front of the diaper. If a snap goes, you'll likely have to get it replaced as there's a limited number of them on the front of the diaper to begin with. But then, you'll have to replace aplix if it goes bad too.

After more than three years of cloth diapering, I'm a total snap convert who loves to visit Aplix Land every now and again. What about all of you? Snaps, Aplix, a little of both worlds?


Nichole said...

Still a snaps virgin here. I have 24 aplix BG3.0 per kid. That is all I have ever bought, and that is all I am buying! LOL Mine work great. Even the ones that my son has been wearing for 1 1/2 year have had no problems. None are even rolling back at all. I am a happy mommy. :oP

Sabrina B Radke said...

I thought I was reading my own story here! Lol! My husband and I adore snaps, so much that we had all our aplix converted to snaps! The only aplix we own is 1 lone diaper I was sent for a review. I have a few friends that feel the same way as you and I too :o)

Kristina said...

I have a 2 aplix and I strongly dislike them. They never stick to the laundry tabs, so they look worn, I'm constantly picking fuzz out of them, and do not stay shut. I prefer my snaps, but they are way harder to get snapped on a wiggly baby!

Kristi26 said...

Thanks for sharing ladies! :) I love hearing from other mama's!

Just a thought to add: It's possible to keep aplix looking decent if you don't dry them in the dryer, I've discovered. But some diapers (all-in-ones come to mind) take forever to line dry!

Ariane said...

I'm on the fence. I prefer aplix at changing time, but I detest them at washing time. I line dry my covers, but the problem occurs in the washer. I am careful to adhere the aplix to the laundry tabs when I remove the diaper and check them again when I put them in the wash. Still pulling out diapers all attached to each other. And I had the aplix replaced on about 10 diapers so they should not be that worn. I can't afford to buy all new 4.0s so I'm looking into converting my aplix to snaps.