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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Saving Money Tips

Let's face it, in today's economy everyone is out to stretch their dollar a little further.  Most of us are still trying to do that as our family grows and it can get kind of tricky.  Here are some tips that I have found helpful to front the ever growing grocery bill.  Coupons, coupons... coupons!  Yes, they aren't very green friendly (hopefully someday soon they will all be electronic) but they will certainly save you some green:)  If you are like me, coupons can be a bit overwhelming so start slow and you will enjoy seeing the savings!  You might ask...  how is $.10 off a gallon of milk going to save me that much?  Here is the trick! Buy the brand of milk when it is on sale and use your coupon(s).  And, some grocery stores will double your coupons everyday and even super double every few weeks (up to $1.99).  There are some helpful websites and blogs out there where it is all spelled out for you.  They tell you exactly what items are on sale and where you can find the coupon and a lot of them can even be printed from home.  For example, you can check out www.southernsavers.com if you shop at grocery stores that we have here down south.

Here are a few tips from a beginner:

  1. Get the local Sunday paper (of the biggest city closest to you)
  2. Clip ONLY the coupons of products you use and will buy
  3. Refrain from impulse buying/coupon clipping of products you normally dont' use
  4. Stock up on as many products are you can only when they are on sale & that you coupons for
  5. Grow your own produce/start a garden

It will take awhile to get used to going grocery shopping for items that on your list that are on sale instead of what "meals" you have planned for that week.  Shop at Walmart?...  they now accept coupons, but be careful because a lot of time other grocery stores will have a way better price.

As for shopping for other items needed for your family, there are so many deals out there.  A lot of times department stores have special discounts and coupons if you sign up through their website.  And, never pay for shipping if you can help it!

Would love to hear any tips you may have for growing a family and saving money!

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Jill said...

go to your favorite store websites and look for free samples. walmart.com has a sample/coupon area on their site.

same with favorite PRODUCTS-from soup to ketchup--
email the companies for a coupon or sample. tell them how much you love their product and ask for a coupon. I emailed (soup brand) and got several coupons and a packet of seeds to plant in my garden!

also try sites like kraft's first taste. they often do a 2-coupon mailing, one for a free (new) product, and one for a friend-- I often use them myself, they are LARGE coupons and can sometimes be almost free for the 2nd product. They also have started co-oping with the"house party" site, you get tons of coupons and free products for agreeing to host a party!

I shop at Aldi, which is like a warehouse store, but it's not in MEGA sizes, if that makes sense. Their produce is good, and things like pasta and spaghetti sauce are also not really that much different from 'name brand'. same with canned veggies, eggs, milk--it's all pretty much the same.

if anyone needs more details about any of these things, feel free to contact me at my blog and I'll try and get you more info.

by the way, if you use proctor and gamble products (soaps, toilet paper, etc)-- they have their sunday circular out this weekend (May 1), so it's an extra thick coupon circular, and sometimes you can get it on Saturday if you check your local supermarket stands, as well.