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Monday, April 25, 2011

Repost: Cloth Diapering on Vacation…Really??

Unfortunately, the stomach bug has struck at my house so I'm running a repost this morning. It's a great one for the approaching summer!

Yes, really.

My family went on vacation last week. We were gone for six days and did a combination of prefolds with covers (both fleece and PUL) and a hybrid system. And yes, we survived! Cloth diapering on vacation is possible. Many moms do more cloth than I did even!

Here's some tips (some of them are pretty obvious but are worth mentioning anyway):

1. If you won't have a washing machine available to you, either bring enough diapers to go through your entire vacation or try prefolds/flats so that you can handwash in a sink. And don't forget a sample size of your favorite detergent! Rockin' Green has a sample that's the perfect size to take with you on vacation.

2. Bring a few extra diapers, just in case. You never know when your baby will decide that he/she needs to poo a few extra times in a day.

3. A hanging and zippering wetbag or pail liner works the best and is ideal, but if, like me, you don't have one you can use a few different things. I took three medium-large wetbags with me. I used one for night diapers, one for daytime diapers, and one more for swim diapers (I like to add absorbancy to my son's swim diaper cover so that he can get from our room or house to the pool without a leak). Some very large ziplock-type bags would also work well.

4. If you don't mind using disposable wipes, then bring them along. You can either use them as backup in case you run out of cloth wipes or like me, you can use them in place of the cloth wipes. Leaving the cloth wipes at home made a little more space for the diapers in our big bag of diapers.

5. If your child has skin issues, then don't forget their creams and ointments! You should also bring along your cloth-friendly diaper cream and a few fleece liners in case of a rash.

6. If you're going to be using a hybrid system on vacation like I did, make sure you test out all the elements before your vacation. You don't want to get to your destination and discover that your disposable inserts don't work for your child at all.

7. Bring some extra covers if you're using prefolds and/or flats! You just never know!

8. If you'll have childcare while you're away, make sure that what you bring for the childcare workers is easy for them to use. Our childcare workers had no trouble at all with the disposable Flip inserts.

My final piece of advice for your vacation is to have fun no matter what diaper system you choose to use while away! Happy vacationing!

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