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Friday, April 15, 2011

Change 3 Things…Have You?

With Earth Day fast approaching (it's next week already!), I wanted to take this opportunity to mention the Change 3 Things movement again to those who may have missed it.

A description:

"Change 3 Things is an awareness campaign designed to promote the environmental and economical impacts of cloth diapering. Changing three cloth diapers a day is a small change for one family that equals big impact for our planet." (found on their Facebook page)

Their goals:

"Our goals:

- 100,000 parents committed to change 3 cloth diapers per day.*

- 30-50 million pounds of prevented landfill waste*

- 100 million disposable diapers not purchased.*

- $24 million of combined savings for participating families**

* Numbers are approximate and based on information published in the Environmental Agency's Science Report SC010018/SR2.

** Based on approximately $0.25 per disposable diaper NOT purchased by participants because they chose to change a cloth diaper instead." (again, this can be found on their Facebook page)

Change 3 Things can be found on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/changethreethings?sk=info

They are up to more than 6,000 "likers" now. This is what it adds up to according to their most recent status update: "In the last week, together we've changed more than 130,000 cloth diapers; which may have prevented waste equivalent to more than 76 babies wearing disposable diapers for a year!"

If you're already cloth diapering at least part time, you're already active in this. Head on over to their page and "like" them! If you're on the fence about cloth diapering, take the plunge and give it a shot-then go and "like" their page. J Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Mom of FIVE said...

I wish I could like it more than once because we have twins so that is 6 diapers a day they could be countin but even more than that because we Cloth Diaper full time so at least 12 diapers a day! that is 84 diapers a week!