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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Knickernappies One-Size Review

Yesterday marked the start of our tenth Knickernappies One-Size Giveaway. Because of that, I thought a review of this diaper would be a great way to kick off March!

We've been using our Knickernappies diaper for at least six months now and, I must say I love it. For one thing, the side snaps make it more trim than its fellow one-size diapers. My son has a notoriously small bum, in fact I'd call it completely absent. Lol. While this diaper does still give him the appearance of having a bum, it doesn't look quite so big as it does in some of his other one-size pocket diapers.

While we're talking about the fit, I must say that Ian started on the second snap setting when he first wore this diaper six or so months ago. It's only been in the last month or so that we've had to change the snap settings to the largest. He's currently around 24-25 pounds. It really looks like he'll still be spending many more months in this diaper without any issues. I think it'll definitely get us to potty training time.

Another thing I love about this diaper is the color! We have the chocolate brown Knickernappies and it is just beautiful. You can't get it in a lot of diapers. It's one of those unusual colors that doesn't seem all that unusual. Many of my other favorite brands don't offer it, so it's nice to see it from Knickernappies. Plus, it's definitely a gender neutral color, so if I want to keep some of my pockets for our next baby to use, I can hang onto this one regardless of whether we have a girl or a boy.

The inner lining of this diaper is fleece which seems to have only gotten softer as time has gone on. It seems, in my experience at least, that the fleece is really good at acting like a stay-dry barrier between my son and the very soggy inner. This is one diaper that keeps him feeling dry. Many of the other pockets we have make him red after just a short time in the diaper. But not this one!

The only thing I don't love about this diaper is the microfiber insert that I got with it. If I had it to do over again, I think I would have gotten a KN just-hemp. It's not that the insert doesn't work or doesn't fit or anything like that. I just don't like microfiber at all. We have smell issues with it and so I choose not to use it. Instead we stuff our pockets with tri-folded prefolds. The Just-Hemp insert is exactly what it sounds like: Just hemp. Lol. I like hemp. It doesn't hang onto smell for us the way microfiber does and it holds a lot more liquid, which is great for my somewhat heavy wetter.

All in all, I love this diaper and I really think anyone who likes pocket diapers will feel the same about it! So if you haven't yet entered our giveaway from yesterday, scroll down the page a little further and enter so you can have a chance to try it out too. Who knows? Maybe this is your new favorite and you just don't know it yet! J

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