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Friday, March 25, 2011

Have You Seen the Sales?

April has a bunch of great sales going on right now that you all should check out! For starters, there's a 10% off code listed to the right of this post. Click the "shop our store" button and head over there to use it.

In addition to the 10% off, she's also got FuzziBunz One-Size listed for $17.96! The old style Babykicks are $16.65! And Applecheeks swim diapers are just $16.74 right now!! With summer right around the corner, this is an amazing deal. These swim diapers fit most children between the two sizes.

And while we're talking about swim diaper sales, the entire swim diaper section of the store is on sale as well! Let me say, I have the blue pirate booty swim diaper and love it. It's so cute and fits so well. We also use it as a cover with no issues. The swim diaper section also includes Icky bags, which are some really cute wet bags.

Finally, the clearance section is full of things like diapers, bottles, blankets, and lotions. There's some really fun stuff in there. J

Have a happy Friday everyone!

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