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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grovia Spring Sale

Spring is in the air and manufacturers are putting some pretty impressive sales out there!  Have you seen this  one offered by Grovia?!  Buy 3 AI2 shells or AIO's (one-size) and get 1 FREE!!!

These diapers are amazing and so convenient.  The AI2 (or All-In-Two) is sometimes referred to as a hybrid cloth diaper.  Like the name applies, it comes apart in two parts for easy clean up.  The detachable soaker pad snaps into the body of the shell.  When baby wets or soils, simply take out and replace with a fresh one.  The best part is, that you can re-use the shell over and over again.  This makes the amount of laundry and money spent on your cloth diaper stash minimal.  These diapers come in both aplix or snap closure, a ton of cute, modern colors/prints, as well as an option for a biodegradable soaker pad.

Just FYI - here is what you would pay for one child using Grovia cloth diapers:  

Length of time in size
Changes per day
Total diapers/changes
Cost per change
Total cost

30 months
12 for the first 2 weeks, 10 for 2 ½ months, 8 for 6 months, and 6 thereafter
10 shells, 
16 soakers, 
8 boosters
Changes: 6,356
$24.95x10 = $249.50 + $16.95x8 = $135.60 + $8.50x4 = $34.00  Total $419.10

Energy Costs
30 months
3-4 times a week
Ave. to wash/dry $0.51/load

Total washing costs=$232.05

30 months
(2 ½ years)

Total $651.15

Maybe you like the convenience of an AIO (All-In-One) style cloth diaper?  These kind of diapers are the closest thing to a disposable as they come.  The only drawback is that they can sometimes take a long time to dry... but not Grovia's!  Their genius design allows for some of the pieces of fabric to come apart for easy cleaning and reduced drying time.

Did we mention all the adorable colors and prints they come in?  Here is one of the many new prints...

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