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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Do You Have Any Nighttime Nonsense?

By nighttime nonsense, I mean anything that makes cloth diapering overnight either impossible or seemingly so. I have a little secret. *Looks both ways* We have some night nonsense here. We've been using disposables at night for several months now because my son can't go 10-12+ hours in one cloth diaper and not get super red. He's flaming by morning and in pain. I refuse to put him through that.

If you're like me and using disposables at night, but really wish you didn't have to, I have some suggestions for you. But please remember, it's okay if you have to use a disposable once a day. It's better than all day every day for your baby and the environment. And it's one of those things you just shouldn't beat yourself up about. Every mom is different and every mom does what's best for her baby. If that means continuing on with disposables at night, then do it and don't let anyone make you feel badly about it!

*Jumps off the soapbox*

On to my suggestions!

  1. Extra fleece liners: If your baby is simply getting red as mine is, you can try an extra fleece liner or two to really put some space and fabric between baby and the wetness. The extra barrier may be all it takes.

  2. Strip them: Sometimes redness isn't truly caused by the diapers, but by a build-up within the diapers. Try giving them a nice long soak in some warm to hot water with a little detergent (I love Rockin' Green!) and then putting them through 2 hot washes with no detergent. Skip the Dawn. I've never had a good experience with it; it's caused issues with my front loader before too.

  3. Disposable liners: It's a little better than a full disposable diaper, right? Lol. If you lay the liner between baby and the diaper, then do everything else the same as usual, this keeps the redness at bay since the disposable liner has the same stay-dry quality as the disposable diapers without as much of the yuck inside.

  4. Fleece pants-doubled: If your issue is too much peeing, try a fleece soaker and then top it with fleece pants for a cover. The extra may help hold in the wet and keep the baby's sheets dry.

  5. Wool: Wooly moms swear by it! Get some nice thick wool and put it over the baby's diapers. Most don't get through it. You can also try putting wool over a super-stuffed pocket. I've read about other moms who do this with their super-soakers and they describe the set-up as "bullet proof."

Again, if you try this out and it doesn't work for you, please don't feel badly about it. It's okay! I was upset about Ian in his disposable at night for a long time. It's the reason a lot of people (until today, ha!) didn't know he used one at all. But I'm coming out of the disposable closet! "My son wears a disposable at night and it's okay!" We still do cloth all day every day without any trouble. His overly sensitive skin just can't handle at night.

If you have any more overnight questions or suggestions, please comment below. Happy Wednesday everyone!


Jessie said...

Thank you for confessing! We have a very similar problem - my son wears disposables most nights because we only have two cloth diapers that he doesn't pee through. And they're getting too small... After reading your post I'm thinking about trying an extra fleece cover as my husband and I are sensitive to wool so I'm guessing my son will be too.

Kristi26 said...

I'd definitely try the fleece cover over your diaper. It just might work for you. :) And I'm glad my confession helped someone out. Lol.

Alicia W said...

I appreciate this. Sometimes CD moms make you feel guilt about using disposables. WHY? Mommies don't need any guilt in our lives. I was drowning in diaper rash and yeast infections (I'm talking for nearly 6 months) and it was my detergent. We might start back up again, but right now we are using 2 big boxes of 'sposables. And it's okay. (Right?)

Kristi26 said...

**Hugs** Yes! It's all right! There's not a mommy on the planet that needs any MORE guilt. We're quite good at coming up with our own without anyone trying to shovel on more. We all do our best. If cloth isn't working right now, then don't feel bad for not using it. Try again when you're ready.