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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Mommy Blogger…

Before I became a mommy blogger, I thought it sounded so exciting and different, so fulfilling and wonderful. And while it is all those things sometimes, my life is still most often just life with four kids and a husband like it always was. So because I'd always wondered what a mommy blogger's day was like, I thought I'd share mine with all of you (this is a typical Thursday here). Hopefully you aren't asleep by the end. Lol.

7:00am- Wake up, drink my coffee, check my email, write my post for the day (yes, I seriously wait until the last minute most days, lol), check Facebook, publish my post and add pictures

7:45am- Tell my kids who have been awake for 45 minutes and know that they're supposed to get ready for the day, to get dressed. And the way they react to this news is still a mystery to me. *cue whining in the background*

8:00am- Get "the baby" (he's almost 2, haha) out of bed, nurse him, change his diaper, get him dressed, give him his breakfast…remind the older kids that they're supposed to be getting dressed and brushing their teeth (really?? They forgot in the last 15 minutes? How is that possible?)

8:30am- Wish it were 10 minutes earlier, but usher everyone out to the car anyway complete with neighbor girl who also gets dropped off at school by me

9:00am-Drop the younger kids off at childcare at the gym, run upstairs to go over math with homeschooling oldest child (he's 11, in fifth grade, and math is our nemesis), run back downstairs and join my exercise class 5 minutes late (this happens almost without fail)

10:30am- Pick up the youngest kids from childcare, grab the oldest from upstairs, and head home while my dear daughter complains about being hungry already and my youngest dawdles in the parking lot. *sigh*

10:45am- We get home from the gym and I get the oldest boy working on something else for school, most often his Language Arts.

11:30am- Lunchtime! Everyone has already informed me of their imminent death if food is not provided soon, and yet, when lunch is set before them, it gets picked at, dropped on the floor, and more rather than entirely eaten. How does that make any sense?

12:00pm- Playtime with the youngest ones, followed by diaper changes, and complaining that they aren't tired (and yet they fall asleep in minutes) J

12:30pm- Naptime, yay!! This is when I finally sit down and have lunch, plus I give ODS another subject to work on, Social Studies time! *grumble, grumble, grumble*

12:45-3:00pm- Naptime continues. I get laundry done, the dishwasher loaded, toys put away, check email and FB again, talk to a friend on the phone, get a shower by myself, etc

3:00pm- Time for the youngest ones to wake up so we can pick up two kids at school (remember the neighbor girl? I get her from school too)

3:30pm- School kids are out and getting in the van

3:45pm- homework for the school kids

4:00pm- complaining for dinner begins from the baby, I set to work figuring out what to make, more cleaning of the kitchen…

5:00pm- the neighbor girl heads home, I've finally figured out what to make for dinner and work on it quickly

5:45pm- We eat dinner, 2-3 kids say they don't like it, the baby throws it on the floor, paints with it, flings it across the table at his brother, and more things that aren't eating, though if you'll look back, he was saying "I'm hungry" a lot…

6:15pm- I get in the car and race to Bible Study while my hubby stays home with the kids. J

8:30pm- At home, the kids are going to bed. At Bible Study, I'm still relaxing with friends and other women that are over the age of 18. Yay!

9:30pm- Home from Bible Study to relax on the couch with hubby before bed

10:30-11:00pm- Bedtime for me!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy day. ha ha!

Alicia W said...

Wow! I know you don't believe it, but you make it all sound do-able. Only an expert can make all that sound manageable. Great job!