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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pockets VS All-in-Ones

Pockets or all-in-ones? They've both got their pros and cons. Let's take a look.

Pocket Diapers: Pocket diapers are made of a water proof outer layer of PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) with an inner layer of fabrics like suedecloth, bamboo, and microfleece, among others. They have elastic in the legs and use either snaps or aplix (velcro) to close them. Most importantly, pocket diapers have an opening in either the front or back of the diaper, known as a pocket. You put the absorbant layers of the diaper within the pocket.


1. You can choose the level of absorbancy you want and/or need with these diapers.
2. The shell of the diaper can be hung to dry inside or out and will dry very quickly.
3. While most pockets come with their own inserts, you can choose to use them or not. If not, you can stuff with other things, such as microfiber towels, prefolds, flats, and more.
4. They come in both sized and one-sized options. If you're interested in a trim fit, you can go with the sized option. If you're interested in making your pockets last through most, if not all, of your child's cloth diapering days, then you can go with the one-sized.
5. They come in snaps and aplix, so you can have your closure of choice.
6.They're available in a million and one (okay, not really) different colors and patterns.
7. Changing time on these is the same as with a disposable since they go on and off the same way.


1. What gets stuffed, must get unstuffed again. And then restuffed. And then unstuffed...get the picture? There's a lot of stuffing and unstuffing involved with pockets.
2. Pockets are one of the priciest options in cloth diapers so building an entire stash of them can get more costly than you may want.
3. Elastic, aplix, and snaps can go bad after awhile and need replacing, which can be a pain.

All-in-One Diapers: Also known as AIOs. These diapers are very much like pockets and often even have a built-in pocket in the diaper (though not always). Unlike pockets though, they have the absorbent layer already built into the diaper and it can't be removed (without serious alterations to the diaper of course).


1. Unless you add extra absorbancy in some way, you don't have to unstuff these diapers.
2. AIOs also come in both sized and one-sized options.
3. There are so many AIOs on the market right now, you can always choose the color, pattern, and closure that you want.
4. These go on and come off very quickly and easily.


1. Since the absorbant layer(s) is/are sewn in, they take forever to dry when dried in the dryer and even longer if hung to dry. If I dry my AIOs in the dryer, I have to run it twice on the normal cycle.
2. If you're not loving the absorbant layers in your AIO, you have few choices on solutions to the issue.
3. An AIO often won't work for a heavy wetter since they'll need more absorbancy than many AIOs offer.
4. Like the pocket, the elastic, snaps, and aplix can go bad after awhile which will require replacing.

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