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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Moon Pads Review by Kristi

Several months ago, Jenn of Brynn's Boutique, gave me a moon pad to try out and review. At the time, the pads were a new part of her business and she was looking for feedback. Always one to try out a new product, I jumped at the chance. After all, I've been using mama cloth for four years now. I figured that was enough to make me knowledgeable on the subject.

Soon after agreeing to review a moon pad, Jenn sent one out to me. When it arrived, I opened the package immediately. I love fluffy mail. <3 The pad itself was a flannel print and oh so cute! I just loved it on sight. I really hoped it would work well too. I tossed it in the wash with my diaper laundry that week and waited for an opportunity to arise to try it out.

In addition to being flannel, the pad I received was a liner and, therefore, liner sized. It was actually my first liner as I don't generally buy them. I prefer the regular sized pads. I feel like I get more bang for my buck that way. Of course, I'm also the mama who prefers buying all things one-sized when it comes to diapers too. I just like knowing I'm going to get the most use out of whatever I buy.

While I struggled to get used to using the pad because of its size (and my lack of experience with that size), I do have to say that I loved the fact that you couldn't really tell it was there. The small size and soft fabric made it very comfortable to wear. It wasn't bulky at all. Of course, this also means that it isn't designed for days of heavier flow. It's really best on your lightest of days or even in conjunction with the diva cup.

All in all, I liked this pad enough that I would really love to try some of the other sizes. I'm still not sure that I'm totally sold on the liner though, but then I'm not a liner sort of girl.

Check out the rest of the moon pads at Brynn's Boutique here: http://www.brynnsboutique.com/

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