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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Carrier Options- Part 1

Today, I'm going to go over a couple of the different carrier options and the pro's and con's of each of those.

1. The Wrap:

An example of this kind of carrier is my favorite, the Moby Wrap. The Moby Wrap is a long, stretchy fabric that wraps around the wearer in such a way as to create a pocket of sorts to carry your baby. While my son is 20 months and 23 pounds now, this still remains my favorite. The Moby has a weight range of newborn through 35 lb, which is the average weight of a three-year-old (though my nearly five-year-old daughter is still only 32 pounds, lol).

Wrap carriers are also sometimes woven. These wraps aren't stretchy like the Moby. Some examples of this type of carrier are the Didymos and the Storchenwiege.


1. Once you learn how to put it on, it's easy to use and can adjust to fit almost anyone.
2. There are multiple ways to carry your baby in it, so if you or your baby don't like a position, you can try another and another until you find the perfect one.
3. Newborns fit in this immediately.
4. You can arrange your baby in such a way that no one can easily touch your baby without your permission-especially important during cold and flu season.
5. The weight of the baby/child is distributed evenly over both shoulders and the wrap goes around the lower back, offering support there as well.
6. It's machine washable.
7. It offers complete head and neck support for the baby, which is great for a newborn or even in an older sleeping baby.


1. It can be tricky to learn to use it. There are videos available to show you how it's done, it comes with a picture-filled booklet explaining the procedure, and if you have any friends who wear this one you can get a first-hand explanation. There are also many stores all over the country that sell these wraps, so you could easily get directions from any of those as well.
2. The stretchy material of this wrap can get overly stretchy sometimes, but I've found washing it in the washer tightens it right back up.
3. This wrap can't be thrown on in seconds, it'll take a minute or two to wrap yourself correctly.
4. If you're outside trying to put it on, it'll be tough to keep it from dragging on the ground. I fix this problem by standing over the stroller and putting the ends in there as I wrap or standing by the open car door and putting the ends on the seat.
5. Husbands/boyfriends may not be wild about the whole wrapping process, though mine will let ME wrap HIM. Ask him to wrap himself, however, and you'll find that he probably couldn't do it at this point.

2. The Sling:

This carrier is a piece of fabric that goes over one shoulder. It often has a ring to adjust the fit.


1. This carrier goes on very quickly and easily.
2. Nursing a baby in this type of carrier is quite discreet.
3. You can hold your baby in a cradle position or an upright position without any trouble.
4. As with other carriers, your baby is close to you.


1. You lose complete use of the arm over which you've placed the sling as the fabric prevents you from lifting your arm totally.
2. You absolutely must keep one hand on the baby at all times because it's easier for them to slip out, especially if you lean forward as the baby will move away from your body when you do.
3. The fabric is often unforgiving so it can create pressure points on baby legs.
4. Because it goes over just one shoulder, you may feel uneven and it could even make shoulder pain appear or get worse.
5. Rings can break.
6. Your spouse may or may not be able to wear it, depending on their size.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the breakdown. I bought a sling on clearance and have registered for a Moby Wrap. Hopefully I can use both and see what works best for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Just saw your blog. Love it! Wanted to point out a wrapless wrap i just found called Baby K'tan. I was using a Moby until my friend showed me her K'tan and it made so much sense! It does the same thing as the wrap, which i LOOVE...but it actually eliminates almost all the cons you listed! Less fabric, already wrapped for you.. etc. So I thought I'd share! Keep on blogging>