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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Make Your Own Wool Dryer Balls!

With Christmas fast approaching, I think we’re all looking for some inexpensive but nice ideas to give to friends and even some family. Well I have an easy craft idea that anyone can do! Wool dryer balls!

I followed these directions from Goodmama’s blog here: http://goodmama.typepad.com/goodmama/2008/05/make-your-own-wool-dryer-balls.html

If you check the bottom, you can add a scent but I didn’t do that for mine. I considered it, but in the end didn’t do it. Maybe next time. When making these, please remember to use wool yarn and that it’s not machine washable yarn. It won’t felt properly and won’t do the job you’re making it to do otherwise.

I made my dryer balls for my stepmom and my dad because they’re really into energy saving ideas. They even have solar panels on their house!

I found the instructions to be very straight forward and easy to follow. Let us know if you made any!

*Pic posted borrowed from the Goodmama blog.

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