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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Fairy Wonderful Review


Our Fairy Wonderful adventure began the moment my daughter, Lily, and I visited their site for the first time. It’s loaded with adorable costumes, tutus, accessories, and more. How were we to choose just one item to review?

We perused the site for quite awhile (I’d say several weeks) before making our final choice- a pair of stackable petal-filled tutus in lavender and lime. Lily chose the colors; she said she wanted “the same as the girl in the picture.”

When the box containing her tutus arrived at our house, she was so excited. She actually squealed! :) It was so cute. She had to put them on immediately-purple on top, green on the bottom. I checked them out as I helped her into them. Even up close, they were gorgeous. The waist band was satin and had several matching flowers and ribbons on each. The tulle stretched down to her knees (right where I asked it to be) and had little fake flowers here and there encased in tulle.

I watched my little girl spin in her tutus, the fabric lifting slightly. Then she jumped up and down, equally delighted by the movement of her skirts. She posed and posed for pictures (I’ve added one of them to this post).

As our week went on, Lily continued to wear her tutus. This time, her imaginative brothers joined in the fun-no, they didn’t wear them, don’t worry. Lol. They helped her create a superhero for her new tutus. When she wears them, she is Rose. Rose has many super powers, including the ability to wrap people in vines and give sleepy hugs (they fall asleep for 10 seconds after a hug from Rose).

The squeal on arrival was enough to convince me that we’d chosen correctly. The superhero invention was like a bonus to me. So when she said she wanted to wear her tutus to church, I knew I was completely satisfied with this gift for her. She clearly loves them! And because they make her so happy, I’m happy as well. It helps, too, that she looks absolutely adorable in them.

Before I bring this review to an end, I also want to tell you that our experience with the people over at Fairy Wonderful was, well, wonderful (corny, I know, haha). Seriously though, I contacted them about featuring their website on our blog and they offered a review and giveaway. Plus, they got back to me quickly and were very nice. When I placed my review item order, it came within days. Obviously the custom items will take longer, but our pre-made items were at our house in great time.

All in all, we are very happy with our experience with Fairy Wonderful. Fairy Wonderful helped make my sweet daughter feel like the princess we see in her everyday. Thanks, Fairy Wonderful, for a great experience! And stay tuned this week for an amazing giveaway from Fairy Wonderful too!


April said...

What a little princess! She looks so cute!!!!

Kristi26 said...

Thanks! You should have seen her sporting that look at church! Lol. She was so excited to show them off. :)