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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Benefits of Mama Cloth

I touched on the fact that I love mama cloth only slightly yesterday. Today, I thought I’d get more into why I chose it and what the benefits of mama cloth are shown to be.

1. Environmentally friendly: Just like disposable diapers, disposable pads get thrown away and added to our ever-growing landfills. If a woman uses disposable products for 40 years, she’ll make about 300lbs of waste all by herself. Knowing that makes using cloth make the most sense (4).
2. A money saver: Did you know that most women spend about $150-200 a year on disposable menstrual care products? But you don’t have to. I’ve spent less than $100 on my mama cloth and have been using the same ones for several years now. If you do the math, that’s about $450-600 I’ve saved over the lifetime of my mama cloth! What could you buy with that kind of money? (4)
3. Customizable (2): For the most part, disposables are one size fits all even though they don’t. With cloth pads, you can get bigger ones or smaller, wings or no wings, extra inserts or single, hemp or cotton or microfiber or any number of other fabrics, PUL centers or no…the list goes on and on. You don’t get that kind of selection with disposables.
4. More breathable than disposables (1): Because disposables are made to lock in all moisture, it also means they don’t breath. The breathability of cloth pads means less odor and lower chance of infection (like yeast which thrives in moist, dark places).
5. More comfortable for women with sensitive skin (1): I don’t know about you, but disposable pads are extremely uncomfortable for me. I find the soft cloth of mama cloth much more acceptable. I know I’m not alone on this either.
6. No risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) as is associated with tampons (1 and 5): TSS is a bacterial infection most commonly associated with tampon use. Both disposable and reusable pads remove any risk of TSS.
7. Possible decreased bleeding and cramping: Many women, though certainly not all, report a lighter period and decreased cramping when using mama cloth. I am one of those women. I also have some friends who report the same thing. According to several blogs and sites I’ve read, the most commonly agreed-upon reason for this is that you are no longer exposing yourself to all the chemicals present in disposable pads (6).

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