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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Babykicks News! Help Us Win a Giveaway for You!

Have you seen the new Babykicks 3G diaper yet? It's a pocket diaper meant to be "a breath of fresh air for parents" (direct quote from Babykicks). Along with their new diaper, they've launched two new websites!

You can see the first one here: http://www.babykickstestlab.com/ This is the kid-friendly, censored version. In fact, my favorite video is in the "If Diapers Were Money" section. They even have a crash test dummy baby "testing" the diapers in there. Lol. You have to check that one out. They've also got a section discussing diaper lingo and another to help convince Dad to cloth diaper. It's a great site that you should really take a moment to check out.

The second is http://www.ourdiapersaretheshit.com/ It is basically the same site with a little less censoring.

Along with the new websites, Babykicks has made four funny new videos to help everyone learn about cloth diapers! The first one comes out today and is entitled "Ease of Use." You can view it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yJHBwZ2w2k Babykicks wants to see these become insanely popular!

Now here's where you come in! Wee Little Changes is in a contest with approximately 11 other blogs to win a Babykicks giveaway sponsored by Babykicks! Each time you click on either of these sites, you've gotten us an entry. The goal is to generate the most traffic to the new sites! So if you'd like to see a Babykicks giveaway here on the Wee Little Changes blog, then get clicking!


Unknown said...

I cannot see the video. I says: "The video you have requested is not available.

If you have recently uploaded this video, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to process".

Kristi26 said...

Hmm, I see that too. I'll let them know. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I couldn't see it either. Did click the links for you. Looks interesting. Love the uncensored one lol.

MomofDuke said...

That uncensored site is quite humorous.

Amanda C. said...

Awesomeness! ;-) hehe..

Kristi26 said...

For anyone wondering, the link is working now. I checked and double checked after fixing it yesterday! :)