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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday's Halloween Cuteness!

This month, most- maybe all- Wednesdays will feature cuties in Halloween costumes! You can get some great ideas, admire other sweeties, and have fun all around. If you'd like to submit a picture to be used on the blog, please send it to me at kristi at weelittlechanges dot com. I've already gotten some cute ones, but keep them coming! I want to get as many on each week as I can!

This week, April and I thought we'd start with our own cute kids! Enjoy! :)

It's Wolverine!

What a cute little dinosaur! :) I wonder if there's any candy in there?
How could it get any cuter? That giraffe is just adorable! (Lol, I may be a little biased since that IS my daughter last year.)
Running away!
I believe that's Cyclops!

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